Thursday, 30 April 2015

Spilt Milk Evaluation


Spilt Milk is a collaborative brief that I am really happy with. Melissa and I decided that make a milk shake bar and create the branding packaging and printed ephemera for this because it is something that we both had an interest in doing. I think Melissa and I worked really well together, we split the jobs evenly and both worked to our own strengths. Working collaboratively is something that I used to dread, although I have learnt that worked collaboratively can often help productiveness rather than hinder it. It also helps to be working with someone that works in a similar way, but producing different things. I would definitely work with Melissa again, as I think we made a really good team.

The concept of Spilt Milk is that there are two sides to this brand, literally and figuratively, one side that will attract the busy customer, and the other attracting the customers that would like to spend time and be more social there. This is done through the simplicity of the brand, with the underlying pattern used throughout, also the use of colour and type throughout. I think that the colour choice worked really well, it is slightly different to the typical milk shake shops whilst being different enough to stand out. One of the strengths that I have gained during this brief is learning that working collaboratively means that you can get more done in the same amount of time, there is more input for the ideas and concepts and more opinions on the design and the processes used. If I had more time or could go back and do the brief over again I think that I would include try and include more of an online presence to support the idea of being more social.

The jobs were distributed evenly, and deadlines were met, therefore I think that this was a very successful collaborative brief. Something else that I would have changed if I were to go back and redo this brief was when photographing the work get a new lenses, as I have had to do a lot of adapting of the images, as there are splodges all over them. This is something that I will learn and consider in the future, as they are hard to see on the camera, but when putting them onto your mac it is a lot clearer. Overall I think that this has been a successful brief and I am really happy with the aesthetics of it.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Adnams Beer Rebranding

When going through the supermarket I started to look at the beers and ales, and found that the Adnams beer selection was quite colourful, but not very appealing. Using too many colours sometimes doesn't work very well for the brand. I think that creating alternative packaging for a range of their beers would be better for them and a good brief for me to do, as I am interested in packaging, and haven't done a lot of it this year so far. The beer packaging that I first saw was three different beers called; Ghost Ship, Southwold Bitter, and Broadside. These are the beers that I am wanting to re-brand and package.

Adnams Broadside, 12 x 500ml bottles 6.3% AbvAdnams Southwold Bitter, 12 x 500ml bottles, 4.1% AbvAdnams Ghost Ship, 8 x 500ml bottles 4.5% Abv
These are the actual beers themselves and the packagin/labels that are on them. This is something that I am wanting to change. I think that the colours that have been used don't compliment the brand and the logo. The Logo on the label is slightly different to the actual logo of the brand, this shows that they are willing to adapt their logo slightly for their packaging. This means that if I were to re-do this packaging, I could adapt the logo slightly, although I would like to keep the colours similar to the original so that they are recognised.

Packages Available.
This is the pack I think that I am going to try to re-do. This is becasue these are the three beers that I think need re-doing the most, also because these are the ones that are most accessable in the supermarkets, without ordering fromt the online shop.

This package is also soemthing that I will consider becasue it has the three beears in but actually has a few more aswell. I think that having six beers would work well in a pack, rather than having a pint glass aswell. This is something that I will consider when thinking about htis brief.

When I do the beer packaging, I also need to consider how it will be applied to a keg. This is because it will be the same product, althoguh just packaged differently. This is soemthing that wont be too hard to adapt, this is becasue it will just changing the scale and the layout slightly.

About Adnams.
If you’re new to Adnams Cellar and Kitchen, or just keen to learn a little more about what you can find in our stores and our online shop, then this page should help. If you'd like to find out more about Adnams plc, then this page will help, too.

What we do
Adnams Southwold storeAdnams Cellar & Kitchen started out as two shops in the Suffolk coastal town of Southwold – both a slingshot away from our famous brewery. Southwold has always been a top holiday destination for visitors who loved our stores and our products, so it made sense that we developed a mail order business to send our wines, beers and items of hand-selected kitchenware to our customers by post. This worked brilliantly for around thirty years, and during that time, the economic landscape developed considerably. We wanted to branch out and expand from our home in Southwold.

It was in the summer of 2005 that we opened another store (on the beautiful North Norfolk coast at Holkham) and since then we’ve opened stores across a wide band of East Anglia. For a complete list of our store locations, click here.

During this time of retail expansion, our home delivery service has continued, strengthened by an e-commerce website, where we showcase our wine range and a small selection of kitchenware as well as Adnams-branded products, food and clothing.

Our wines
Adnams French Red and French white wineOur wine range has been shaped and reshaped over many years, as new countries and regions come on board, and as we discover new wineries and talented winemakers. The current range is selected by our Senior Buyer Alastair Marshall, who has been buying wines for Adnams for over 30 years, along with input from Rob Chase. Our buyers seek out distinctive wines from producers with a real passion for their craft. Each wine, as a natural product of its growing environment and the winemaking philosophy of its maker, carries its own story.

We have a core range of wines that make it on to our annual wine list, but these wines are supplemented by one-off purchases that we only have in stock for a month or two. Often these wines are from small producers who don’t have enough wine to supply us for a whole year, or we will buy a small parcel if the wine is of particular interest. Many of our wines are produced using organic or biodynamic methods (these are indicated by a green leaf symbol in our wine list).

Unlike our beers, which are all made in Southwold, we do not make any wines ourselves – we buy from winemakers from all over the world - some of which are bottled under our own label under the Adnams Selection range.

Our Kitchenware
Our website at present displays a small selection of our kitchenware range.

We also have a selection of Adnams clothing and merchandise on the website, ideal gifts for lovers of Adnams and Adnams’ beers. Click here to view our online kitchenware range.

Our Beer & Spirits
Adnams is famous as a producer of top quality beer and hand-crafted spirits. For more information on our beers, click here. Our spirits are made in our distillery that is housed in what was the brewery's old Copper House - hence the name Copper House Distillery. We're proud that many of our spirits have been awarded medals from prestigious competitions across the world. You can find out more about our spirits here.


Our web and mail order service
If you have any questions that are not answered on our website, please call the Adnams team on 01502 727222 Monday-Friday from 9am until 5pm, or send an email to Orders placed by the telephone and the website will take between 3-5 working days to be delivered to you by a third-party courier. For further information on delivery, please click here.
The Brief. 
For this brief I think that it is important to keep the same message for the brand and each of the beers. But also make them more appealing and attractive for the customers, this will increase the sales figures for this beers. I think that I will keep the same colour scheme so that it will relate to the brand when it has finished, and poeple will recognise that it is the same brand, just with a more pleasing aesthetic. Moving on from this I am going to start working on what I will be doing for my packaging. Also which pack I am going to create, the three beer bottles with the pint glass or the six beer bottles. Another thing would be to look at more beer packaging and labeling in the supermarket, so that I can see what others are going for in the market.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Adnams Beer Brief

Module Code:
Module Title:
Extended Practice
Learning Outcomes:

BRIEF TITLE: Adnams Beer

Re-brand and package Adnams beer so that they are more appealing in supermarkets.

The Adnams stores started out as two shops in the Suffolk coastal town of Southwold – both a slingshot away from our famous brewery. This worked brilliantly for around thirty years, and during that time, the economic landscape developed considerably. We wanted to branch out and expand from our home in Southwold.

Consider which of the beers are available to buy in the supermarket, also how to keep a similar brand aesthetic but make them more aesthetically pleasing, and make people pick them up from the shelf more.

Mandatory Requirements:
Research into the appropriate areas – Look into current beers available to buy in the supermarkets. What other beer packaging looks like and the aesthetic that they have.

Target Audience:
Men and women beer lovers, also people who would like to buy a gift of different ales and beers for people.

Tone of Voice:
Passion for beer, light hearted with a serious side.

  • Re-branding and re-packaging for Southwold.
  • Re-branding and re-packaging for Ghost Ship.
  • Re-branding and re-packaging for Broadside.
  • A branded pint glass to go with them.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Tarantino Publication

The Publication.
The Content.
Inside the publication I am wanting to include information about the films that are in the box set, information about Tarantino and the films that he has directed and written and the trade mark things that he does in them, also trivia about him as a person and film maker. I also want to include some information graphics about the films, and something that will link all of the films together.

Information Graphics.
The * sign is used to blank out swear words, therefore creating an info graphic about how many times different swear words are used in Tarantino films, this glyph would be appropriate to use. I thought about using as many glyphs as there are swear F bombs in the information graphics, but as there is such a range of the amounts used, I think that it would be better to use a type based info graphic.

I started to think about how it would work, and how I would show how many there were and which films had the most. Therefore thought that I would use the numbers, whilst also making the larger numbers larger to show clearly how much more it was than others.

I also started to think about using the glyphs as a mask of the numbers, this will add detail to the info graphic and make it more aesthetically pleasing. As well as this I started to think about the colour scheme that I have decided on, although I think that it looks too garish and event thought the colours are appropriate for Tarantino and the films that he has produced, they don't work very well within the information graphic. I will move onto the next info graphic and decide what I am going to do for that, then I can think about the colours that I am going to use and what will be appropriate for them all.

I also decided that I would work on an info graphic for the amount of deaths in Tarantino films, this is becasue I think that it will relevant to the films as they are quite violent films. Also I found a lot of information about the deaths in the film and how everyone was killed, therefore this wouldbe very effective in the publication.

Similar to the swearing info graphic, I have made the headstone larger for the amount of deaths in the film. This will keep the info graphics consistent throughout the publication. But again I don't like the colours used, I think that I need to look further into the colour scheme throughout the publication to see what is most effective.

Moving back onto the first info graphic, I have found that red works quite well with white and grey. It stands out amongst the background and the information just out at your which is what I was going for with the information. Also the red does go with the colour scheme that I was using originally. Although I still think that the colour scheme needs a lot of work, this works well for these statistics.

Images and film quotes.
For some of the films I think that having some memorable quotes and scenes would work well in the publication to split up some of the pages about the films, as currently they are quite blocky. The royale with cheese quite is one of the most memorable scenes in pulp fiction. Using a cheese burger illustration to support the quote will engage the audience further.

I have done the same thing for a few more films, one of the being Jakie Brown, illustrating it with a fist to show people punching.

Similar to the others, the Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Reservoir Dogs have their quote supported by an illustration to create something that is effective. Whilst doing this I found that using greys instead of browns in the graveyard info graphic works so much better. It creates a darker and gloomier effect and also makes the colour scheme for this go with the rest of the publication.

Having all of the illustrations and info graphics together shows how much they work as a set. These will go really well in the publication. Dividing the pages of the films using double page spreads will give the publication more substance whilst creating something interesting to look at throughout.

Moving on from this I will be printing the publication and preferably perfect binding it, this is so that it would fit in well with the boxset. The publication is the size of one of the DVD cases, therefore I can bare this in mind whilst making my box set. I hope that the colour prints well within the publication and works well with the colours used in the box set its self.

Box Set Development

The Boxset.
After making the mock ups of the box set, I have realised just how I need to design the patter, I need it to be printed on an A2 so that it will fit around the whole box, although I will need to do  it a lot neater than I made the mock ups so that it look professional and like a real thing. I also think that even thought this is more of a packaging brief, I think that the it is also a branding brief as everything that is in the box set says a lot about Tarantino. Therefore I think that he needs a logo for name, and the box itself.

Going through and looking at lot of different bold typefaces, so that I can see which would suit Tarantinos name the best. I think that something quite bold and simple would be good. The typeface that I think works best for Tarantino is Archivo Black. Although I think that kerning it and making it upper case may make it more of a logo, and more like Tarantino.

Making the Pattern.
For the box set I have decided that I want to go with the idea of using smoke in the pattern, this will show a mysterious effect. But it will also act as a gun shot scene where the gun smoke is floating around. I also want to have the colour red involved too to show danger and blood in the boxset. This is becasue there is a lot of implied violence and seen violence in the film.

For the logo I thought that I could include the smoke in this, although after trying it out I have seen that it might be just a bit too much for the overall look of the box set, showing that the pattern has a smoke effect and the logo, is a bit too much, therefor I think that logo should be a bit plain and the background can be of smoke.

Smoke Variations.
I decided to make a few different coloured variations of a smoke effect pattern that I made in Photoshop. I did this becasue I wanted to keep a black/dark background but also wanted a one colour in there preferably red, but also including the smoke too as the detail in the pattern. I definitely think that the red or the white smoke looks the best. I am wanting the red to be involved to show the danger in it, also it is part of my colour scheme for the publication.

I decided to make the decision easier, I would test them with the name on the front so that I can see what they look like in context. I think that the patterns work well although I wanted Tarantino's name to stand out more on the background pattern, therefore I think that I should put a black opacity over the top.

I have also decided that the name on the box set should work more as a logo and Tarantino's brand rather than just his name in a typeface. Therefore I started to think about the fact that both his first and second name have NTIN in it, I think that these could work well going into each other therefore I tried to do it so that they merged together and connected. Although I don't think that this works well, although they fall exactly in the center when they are on top of each other. I think that having just the 'I' connected would work better and leaving a small gap too.

After putting a black opacity over the top of all of the I started to think about the red and how I want it to be more red, but still dark, therefore I think if I invert the red, it may give it a better effect. Also keeping the red darker and having black smoke through is will give the pattern more drama, also it will make the Tarantino logo stand out more.

I think that this will work really well for a Quentin Tarantino box set, I want to produce the box set as one large print and make it like that rather than using a box, then apply the Tarantino Logo onto it later, this will give the logo a rise on the box set, it will make it stand out and also so that it can be positioned properly.

Making the Boxset.
When I started to make the boxset, I started by doing the DVD's, this is something that I found really difficult. Cutting circles is not the easiest thing. Although after cutting them all out and applying them onto the DVD's, I realised that I have made the boxset so that it has two DVD trays on it. I only got 10 DVDs and printed 10 disc covers. Therefore I am going to have to go back to drop in so that I can get more printed off, this will set me back with time quite a lot but at least I have realised it now.

When making the box set I didn't print off a net, I simply printed large sheets of the pattern I created. Then by cutting out mount board of the right side and covering it with the pattern means that I can have a seamless printed box set rather than something that looks like it has been hand crafted badly. Although when making the boxset I cut out all of the mount board first, then started to put it together, one by one. I realised that I had stuck a peace of mount board down up side down, also the paper showed a slight bit of double sided sticky tape. Therefore I started again. I could have stuck some black card on the bottom but I didn't becasue I want to box set to look like a real boxset, something that looks professional and would be found in a shop.

The making of the box set went really well after that, I managed to get it all made, and to the right size, although it took a long time becasue of the mess ups and things that go with it, I am really impressed with it. I think that this is one of the most realistic pieces I have designed and made, and I am really happy with it. I hope that the photography slot goes well, and shows it off well.