Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Tiger Print Evaluation


I decided to do the Tiger Print brief, as I have previously done it before for a Valentines Day card brief, but I didn’t like what I produced, therefore I decided that I would do another one, and not settle for anything less than something that I like and think it appropriate and well produced. Trying to get people to look at Christmas in a different way, moving away from the materialistic presents and trying to make the holiday more personal and nostalgic. Focussing on the natural side of Christmas, for example a snowy scene or an open fire.

I am a lot happier with these Tiger Print submissions than any others that I have produced in the past for other competitions. I have learnt that I should only submit things into competitions that I actually am proud of and would put my name to. There are two patterns that I like more than the other two, and I am really proud of that them. This is my first competition brief completed this year, and although I only planned to spend a day on it, I found that coming back to it a few days later meant I could have a fresh look at it and change what I didn't like about it. If I were to do this brief again I would have maybe produce more variety of patterns, rather than three different snowmen and one tree pattern. Overall I am happy with the prints I have produced. And I think that making them into actual gift-wrap and bags and tags enhances the effectiveness of the design.

What I have learnt during this brief is that although sometimes it is appropriate to make mock ups, in this case the designs are more aesthetically pleasing when they are printed and made. This is something that I will always do in the future, make sure that I only use mock ups when appropriate.

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