Thursday, 27 November 2014

TRD - Presentation

Day 58

TDR Workshop

Ian Anderson's TDR Workshop.
  • Do something pointless for and hour
  • Document it
  • Present it the next day.
Learning opportunity worlshop.
Document how pointless the task was, telling a story to explain how pointless the task was. Question why? Why am I being asked to do this?! What does the client really want? Better than what the client asked you to do!

Create a 5 minute presentation.

Documentation can be anything. Presentation is most important thing. Start at the end then explain how you got there. Does your documentation convey it in an interesting way, how pointless your task actually is.

Tissue session is at 4:30 today
Presentations are at 4:30 tomorrow
  • Pointless is something that has no value to you. 
  • Need to generate content.
  • Need to have an interesting outcome with the documentation.
Idea and content generation!
I started think about what I could do for an hour that was pointless, then realised I was spending too much time think about what I could do which was also pointless. Therefore I decided to go to the library and see what materials I could work with, so that I could generate some physical content. I found some masking tape in the library and on the way back to the studio I saw a wall. This lead me to sticking bits of masking tape on the way.
I did this for an hour, documenting is as I was going, not by filming it as I found a few people were doing this. I took photos of the development every ten minutes, and also took selfies to display my emotional state throughout.


After the process of doing a pointless task for an hour, I then continued to do more pointless tasks to document my hour of a pointless task in a different and more interesting way.I peeled off all of the tape off the wall and put them onto separate sheets of paper for each block on the wall that I covered. I then counted them all out individually to find out how many pieces of masking tape is on each block. Then realised that each length of masking tape is different therefore started to work out the average length of a piece of masking tape on each block. Then try and find the average of them all together to find out how much masking tape I actually used through the hour of my pointless task.

Block 1.
3.6cm length masking tape.
171 pieces of masking tape.
615.6cm of masking tape on this block of wall.

Block 2.
3.8cm length masking tape.
164 pieces of masking tape.
623.2cm of masking tape on this block of wall.

Block 3.
4cm length masking tape.
149 pieces of masking tape.
596cm of masking tape on this block of wall.

Block 4.
4.2cm length masking tape.
145 pieces of masking tape.
609cm of masking tape on this block of wall.

Block 5.
4.3cm length masking tape.
144 pieces of masking tape.
619.2cm of masking tape on this block of wall.

Block 6.
4.3cm length masking tape.
142 pieces of masking tape.
610.6cm of masking tape on this block of wall.

Block 7.
4.3cm length masking tape.
26 pieces of masking tape.
111.8cm of masking tape on this block of wall.
4cm length of masking tape.
153 pieces of masking tape to cover a block.

Block Measurements.
44cm by 22cm.
2:1 ratio.
I then decided to make the outcome more fun and see how many times I could wrap up people in the workshop with this amount of tape that I have used during the hour of pointlessness. Therefore I decided to go round over person in the workshop and see how tall they were.
As the brief was to think about something that I could do with this information, I thought that I would take advantage of how vague it is and do something that I have always wanted do to, and something I enjoy doing. Therefore I decided to illustrate everyone in the workshop. Although becasue of the time scale and how long it has taken me to illustrate one person, I am just going to produce two people as a comparison, and have a silhouette for everyone else.

Development of the characters of Sam and Mel.
I wanted to have the illustrations of Sam to actually look as much like her as possible. I have used her main characteristics such as she is small, her eyes and hair, and rediculasly long eyelashes. Also the fact that she likes polkadots, they are what remind me of her.

For Mel I also wanted to include her main characteristics and things that remind me of her, such as her bun hair, ugg boots, and how crazy long her legs are. 

I think that this resembles Sam and Mel really well, and I am glad that I started with them two, as there is a large comparison in height. I almost started from the smallest to the largest, and as I ran out of time, and could only produce two people, I am glad that they were different in size.

For everyone else I decided to just create outlines and stretch them according to each persons height. This was successful as it demonstrated the height of everyone in the workshop and how their height differs.

I decided to show how the masking tape would go exactly up and down everyone in the workshop once. It just so happened that this fit perfectly the combination of the heights of everyone to the amount of masking tape I used during my pointless hour. This will give people an idea of actually how much masking tape I tore up and stuck down!

I also thought that because I have the two characters, I will use them to show how many times I could wrap each of them in masking tape, to show the difference between the two.

In my presentation I am aiming to tell a story of the process I went through, starting with the development of the wall, then moving onto my mental health throughout the process, this will give people a better outlook on how I was feeling throughout the process and how it went.

I think that the presentation went quite well and I said everything that I wanted to say.

At the start of this workshop I was very skeptical about the fact that I have a lot of briefs I am currently working on, also my dissertation, and I am currently being asked to do something pointless for an hour. I thought that this would be wasting time that I didn't have enough of anyway. Because the task I did for an hour was really pointless and didn't take a lot of thinking, I had time to think about what I would do for the documentation. I also had time to just think about nothing and get a bit of mind space. After this I was ready to document and get on with making my presentation. This has taught me that when I am stuck with a brief or start to panic about time, I will just take an hour out to do something completely irrelevant. This will allow me to get some head space, so that I can come back fresh. I have also been able to work on my presenting skills, which was the most important part of the workshop for me. This workshop has been really helpful and I have really enjoyed it, and something I have taken from it is that presentation skills are so important.