Thursday, 21 May 2015

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Wide Eyed Evaluation


The branding for Wide Eyed Records went really well. The idea of creating a brand that shows something new and fresh, but also like a wonderland, works really well for Wide Eyed. The brand itself is fresh and new this reflects in the logo. After doing this brief the client came back and wanted more merchandise doing, and wanted to expand his brand online and create an online presence. The range of merchandise created was appropriate and the client was happy with it all. If I had more time on this brief I would have suggested producing record sleeves and vinyl labels for when he starts to get his vinyl’s made for his tracks, although he said that he would always come back when he needs something else designing. I am really happy with the branding itself I think that it really suits the concept of the brand and works really well. More than that the client loves it and the reaction towards the record company have been amazing. Wide Eyed Records has now made onto beatport, which is for online underground house music, something that the client has been trying to get on for a long time, but it needed to be established, have a brand and artwork first. This shows how successful the branding has been.

As well as this it has lead to many other people approaching me about branding their new businesses after seeing the Wide Eyed branding, such as RayNite. Also creating the event posters for clubs in Verbier which Wide Eyed were appearing at. These were great opportunities, as I was then invited to Verbier to the launch party and visit the club, which I had been doing promotional posters for. Wide Eyed is a Record company that I will stay in touch with and always be a part of, the client suggested that he would always come to me for any design work needed. Having this as a live brief allowed me to experience working with a client and working to someone else’s needs. It has given me a lot more experience with working with clients and open doors to other opportunities.

Overall I am really happy with what has been produced for Wide Eyed Records, also the positive feedback and opportunities that have come from it has been great. I have gained a range of skills for working with clients and how to handle decision making, but also it has allowed me to see how much I enjoy building a brand. If I were to do this brief again, there isn’t a lot I would change, although maybe some decision making on changing some of the materials I used for things like the caps. They didn’t heat press well; therefore I would have tried to get them sowed on in the first place. But this was development for the process, and I would have done everything else the same way, as it works well.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Adnams Beer Evaluation


I decided to do a re- brand of a range of beers found in the supermarket, whilst doing this I decided to go and look in all of the supermarkets to find which beer to use. I chose Adnams because when it is on the shelves it is clear that the brand wants to stand out, and be colourful in its approach. Although it is colourful, using the logo the way that it had and the colours that they used makes the beers look slightly garish and stand out for the wrong reasons.

When starting this brief it was important to know the history of the brand, this is because their packaging reflects this a lot, and it is something that is important for them to include in the branding and the packaging. One of my strengths in this brief is showing the history of the brand through the illustrations used on the packaging, also keeping the labels as realistic as possible by using all of the exact same information on each bottle as their original bottle. This will show that it would look exactly like this if it were to be re-branded, with all of the information that Adnams want to include in their beers. The beers look very realistic and look like they would work well on the shelves. If I had more time on this brief I would have produced the gift set packaging to go with it, so that it could work as a gift as well as individual bottles. Although for this brief it was not relevant as the brief was to make them look better in supermarkets, and the gift packs aren’t sold in supermarkets.

I also think that if I were to do this brief again, I would allow time for further production and making more of the bottles so that I could photograph them in a supermarket for my design boards, as I think that this would be more effective, ad give a better idea of how they would look as a range in a supermarket. I tried to do this with just the three I had but wasn’t able to get permission, therefore if I had more time I could have travelled to different supermarkets to get photos in situe. Overall I am really happy with this brief, I think that the packaging is aesthetically pleasing and will attract more attention on a shelf than they did before, but for good reasons.

Publication Development

Design Publication.
After deciding the concept for my publication, and deciding what I am going to do with it, I started to work on the images that I am wanting to include in the publication. For each section I want to include spreads about the briefs that I have produced, why imagery is important to this subject and the studios that I have been to during third year that relate to this.

The first section of my publication is about image making and why it is important therefore I decided that it would be good for me to include my 100 days challenge as the main purpose for this brief is making an image a day. After researching into different things for the publication, I found Ricky Gervais's flanimals book. This lead me into thinking about dissecting my work into stages, like he dissected his flanimals and explained them. Doing this would show my methodology and the way that I work. Showing how I go from nothing to the image that I create, then also showing how I apply it to different areas of design.

The process of image making for me after the research and the thinking of ideas for a brief or project, would to be doing the initial drawing either on paper or digitally drawing it, although I would usually digitally draw things. Then I start to decide on the colours that I think are appropriate. Next is the adding of the contours, making the image less two dimensional where appropriate. Then finally I add the details that finish the images off. This will bring them to life a bit more. This is such an important process in the way I design. I think that dissecting the the images and annotating them, showing the stages that I go through will work really well for the publication, showing different examples of the way that I can then apply this to different areas of design.
After dissecting the first monster I started to get a grid system going about how I would produce the images for my publication. I wanted to create my book in the way that I would create any other piece of design, therefore each illustration would form a piece of information graphics about my images.

I think that showing how some of the briefs that I have been doing have developed is important, as it shows past the image making process, and shows how the image making progresses into how it is applied and adapted. I think that this is a really important part of my methodology, therefore it needs to be included in my publication.

For each of the areas of design I will include two double page spreads about a brief that I have done during the third year, that shows my methodology. Starting with the development process, then into the image making, followed by final pictures of the brief itself and the outcome that I have made.

This structure and grid system has been applied throughout the whole publication, so that it all fits in together as the publication is forming. I think that having the publication be in a certain order and have a grid system to it is important as it enforces the way that I work, as I like stucture and works in an order.

I decided that I would create the layout for the image making process pages in the illustrator and using a grid system in there so that it was easier for my to figure out where each of the images are going and how they will be annotated. Also it would help when I was actually dissecting the images.

Starting the publication with my statement/manifesto is a good idea, as this will introduce the reader to who I am as a designer and what I am interested in. Then moving onto the net page of my methodology in a diagram, also reenforcing this by repeating it on the back page. This will give the reader a good idea into what the entire publication is about.

Showing that the grid system is the same throughout works well for me, as it shows that my methodology is consistent throughout my design process, through keeping my grid system consistent throughout also.

This is the final digital copy of my publication, I am really happy with it and think that it is a really good way of showing me as a designers, as well as the process that I go through. As well as this being a publication showing my methodology, it can also be a good thing to show to studios, as it shows a lot about me, my designs, and the process that I go through to get there. This would give the studios a thorough understanding of me as a designer.

Syfy Submission Photography

Syfy Advertisement.
The Syfy brief was create anything that would connect with the Syfy viewers to get them more interested in the Syfy channel and make people want to watch it more. This could be anything from creating a TV advert to creating an event. Whatever you find will work best to connect to the viewer. Therefore I decided to create an advert that would connect to the Syfy viewers and get them to watch more of their programmes, and believe in the brand more. Because the brief is an animation, with some posters to go along with it I think that it would be most appropriate to hand in the animation on a disc and the posters.

I think that photography of posters is quite hard, therefore I did the best that I could with them. Although I think that the lenses of the cameras are quite bad as there are speckles all over the lenses which I will now have to photoshop out.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

DBA Submission Photographs

For dba we all creating our own static poster and animated poster, we also had our own designated jobs to go with it. Therefore for my actual submission, I think it is important to provide a hard copy of the static poster, but also the animated poster too, and the presentation as we all made that too. This is why I thought that I would include my animation and the animation that we created for the DBA pitches on a disc.

I think that it is necessary to hand in the poster that I created and the animation. But just include the other aspects of the brief which I have done on my design boards. This is becasue it would be unnecessary to print out everything that I have done. Although the poster and animated poster is important, as well as the presentation.

Adnams Beer Photography

Adnams Beer.
For the Adnams Beer brief, the brief was to make the packaging for the beer more appealing in supermarkets. From this I thought that I would expand it so that I would make the brand as a whole more appealing by doing re-branding and packaging for the beer, but also re packaging the beer gift set. Although the brief initially entails re branding and packaging the beer bottles themselves to be more appealing in supermarkets. Therefore it wouldn't be appropriate to make a gift set as this wouldn't be sold in the supermarkets anyway, just on the Adnams website.

Photographing all of the Adnams beers was harder than I thought that it would be. The lights were hard to manage as all the beers are bottle, therefore the light reflected off these. Also I found that having the bottles lying down made the images and the labels easier to see. Trying to include the beers in situe, for example being bought from a supermarket was quite hard to do, and didn't show the packaging design very well. Therefore to get these photographed in situe would mean me having to get pictures in a super market which I wouldn't be allowed to do. Overall I think that the photography went well and there are a few that show off the beers really well.