Friday, 15 May 2015

Spilt Milk Photography

Spilt Milk.
For the photography, Mel and I decided that we would do it together, this means that we would be able to get it done more efficiently and better. Having two people laying out the branding for the photography helps so much, as two sets of eyes are better than one. We have chosen to use a light grey in the background for this brief. I think that this will compliment the colours in our brand more, and allow them to stand out on the background, without using white and looking too tacky. As this is a collaborative brief it is important that we photograph everything together for our design boards, but also have a lot of the separate things that we contributed to the brief on our own and together, so that we can explain what we did for the brief and show it at the same time.

The photography for this brief went really well. I think having more than one person photographing makes it a lot easier to do. Also Mel and I work really well together, we work in a similar way, therefore we both agreed with what we had to do. This is a brief that I am really proud of and I think that it has gone really well. Mel is someone that I would always work with as she is really efficient in the way that she works, and brought lots of different skills to this brief.

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