Friday, 8 May 2015

Publication Crit

Publication Crit.
During the crit today with Tony Broomhead I decided that I wanted to discuss my publication as it is something that I have ideas for, although I'm not sure what I am actually going to do for it. Therefore it would be nice to be in a crit with peers who I can speak about my ideas with, but also so that I can get an opinion from an outsider of the course. Before going into the crit I had done a few different things to try and think of ideas. I thought that getting it all written down would help me through the crit.

My ideas.
I am thinking about making an animation that runs alongside a publication including image making in the publication and how important image making is to my practice. Including Branding, Packaging, Editorial, Information Graphics and Animation, I will show how important image making is to these processes to me and in general. This is my methodology when making graphic design, considering the imagery.

During the Crit.
- could include a coversation over the top.
- use someone elses voice.
- interview over the top of me making an image/animation.
- keep it fun and laid back not too serious with the voice over.

Flip Book 
- create a flip book showing how an image is made.
- show my process with a small animation at the bottom of moving people.

Record Myself
- make an animation of me making an image, showing how I make an image.
- quicktime player.
- screen shots.
- publication and show screen shots of how I make an image, my methodology.
- live drawing something I am interested in - pugs.

Doing screen shots of the me creating a brief will show my methodology, this would link with both publication or animation, whatever I am wanting to do. Create a video of the image making process that I go through.

After The Crit

After the crit I have decided that I am slightly more clear with the idea of the brief, although I am more confused about actually what I am going to do, and the content of whatever I am going to make. I know that the publication is whatever I want it to be as it is my methodology, although I am still not sure what to do for it, and how I can get across my methodology in the best way. Overall I think that I need to continue doing more research to find out what would be the best thing for me to do for my publication.

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