Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Adnams Beer Photography

Adnams Beer.
For the Adnams Beer brief, the brief was to make the packaging for the beer more appealing in supermarkets. From this I thought that I would expand it so that I would make the brand as a whole more appealing by doing re-branding and packaging for the beer, but also re packaging the beer gift set. Although the brief initially entails re branding and packaging the beer bottles themselves to be more appealing in supermarkets. Therefore it wouldn't be appropriate to make a gift set as this wouldn't be sold in the supermarkets anyway, just on the Adnams website.

Photographing all of the Adnams beers was harder than I thought that it would be. The lights were hard to manage as all the beers are bottle, therefore the light reflected off these. Also I found that having the bottles lying down made the images and the labels easier to see. Trying to include the beers in situe, for example being bought from a supermarket was quite hard to do, and didn't show the packaging design very well. Therefore to get these photographed in situe would mean me having to get pictures in a super market which I wouldn't be allowed to do. Overall I think that the photography went well and there are a few that show off the beers really well.

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