Sunday, 3 May 2015

Boxset Evaluation


I decided to create a Quentin Tarantino Box Set because films are something that inspires me in my design, and Quentin Tarantino is an amazing director, therefore this is something that I have always wanted to produce. As well as this he is releasing a new film called The Hateful Eight at the end of 2015, therefore it would be a great time to release a collectors box set whilst the lead up to the film is on. The box set itself has been crafted well and there isn’t anything that I would change when it comes to the crafting or the printing of any aspect of the box set. Due to pages not measuring up correctly I had to change the publication at last minute to a staples rather than perfect binding. Although this has worked well because it now looks more like it would be real, it also fits in with the box set more.

Throughout this brief my crafting skills have improved massively, and I think that packaging is something that I really enjoy doing. I have also realised that I don’t just enjoy doing one thing, I enjoy many areas of graphics design. During this brief my skill on Illustrator and Photoshop have also improved. Photoshop is a piece software that I use only when necessary, this is because I am not as confident on Photoshop, although I feel like my skills have improved a lot whilst making this brief. If I had to do this brief again I would have done it before Christmas when I originally started it, as I started the brief in October but then started to continue it again in February. I think that dipping in and out of a brief makes it a lot longer than it should be, therefore I would plan my time better if I were to do this again.

This is one of the most realistic briefs that I have ever produced and it is the brief I am most proud of. Although it took a lot longer to produce than I thought that it would, it was worth the time for the quality that it came out as. This is something that I have learnt during this brief, creating a good concept and a plan for a brief and taking time over it is really important, rather than rushing through to get straight to the design. The Skills that I have gained during this brief is on Illustrator, I have found many more short cuts to use also I work so much faster now to produce the same quality design. For example the first cover that I produced took a lot longer than the last. The box set is appealing to the right target audience and the colour scheme is appropriate to Quentin Tarantino along with the logo I created for the box set, this is strength in my design. Time management is a huge issue of mine, although this is something that I have improved throughout this brief, even though I stopped doing the brief for a few months, when I started again, I did everything to the plan that I set myself.

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