Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Adnams Beer Evaluation


I decided to do a re- brand of a range of beers found in the supermarket, whilst doing this I decided to go and look in all of the supermarkets to find which beer to use. I chose Adnams because when it is on the shelves it is clear that the brand wants to stand out, and be colourful in its approach. Although it is colourful, using the logo the way that it had and the colours that they used makes the beers look slightly garish and stand out for the wrong reasons.

When starting this brief it was important to know the history of the brand, this is because their packaging reflects this a lot, and it is something that is important for them to include in the branding and the packaging. One of my strengths in this brief is showing the history of the brand through the illustrations used on the packaging, also keeping the labels as realistic as possible by using all of the exact same information on each bottle as their original bottle. This will show that it would look exactly like this if it were to be re-branded, with all of the information that Adnams want to include in their beers. The beers look very realistic and look like they would work well on the shelves. If I had more time on this brief I would have produced the gift set packaging to go with it, so that it could work as a gift as well as individual bottles. Although for this brief it was not relevant as the brief was to make them look better in supermarkets, and the gift packs aren’t sold in supermarkets.

I also think that if I were to do this brief again, I would allow time for further production and making more of the bottles so that I could photograph them in a supermarket for my design boards, as I think that this would be more effective, ad give a better idea of how they would look as a range in a supermarket. I tried to do this with just the three I had but wasn’t able to get permission, therefore if I had more time I could have travelled to different supermarkets to get photos in situe. Overall I am really happy with this brief, I think that the packaging is aesthetically pleasing and will attract more attention on a shelf than they did before, but for good reasons.

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