Thursday, 7 May 2015

Milkshake Menus Research

Research for Milkshake Menus.
I think that it is important when thinking about doing branding for a milkshake bar to find out what other milkshake bars offer. For example looking into the menus and what flavours are included and how they are presented. I have been doing some primary research and some of the milkshake bars around the Leeds area where we will be suggesting our milkshake bar would be weren't presented very well.

Looking at these menus it is clear that they have a tone of voice that is quite fun from what they have wrote, although I don't think that it comes across very well visually on the website. This has made me think about the fact that Mel and I need to establish a tone of voice for our Milkshake bar before we start designing. We have already decided that we would like the brand to be quite fun but not too over the top in the way that it looks, although we never decided on the tone of voice of how the brand will come across to others. For example speaking directly to the audience through quotes e.c.t.


This is a much nicer looking menu, more simple than the other menus that I have found. This might be better for us, as we aren't wanting out menus to be too complicated. Also I love the idea of pre made milkshake names, ones that are popular, so that someone could come into the bar and see that these are our top ten best sellers and just decide to go for one of them. This is something that I really want to do with the brand. Although it is not my job to do the menus, I will suggest creating some information graphics or something to go along with the wall menus.

After doing some primary research of some of the local milkshake bars in Leeds I found one in Otley that is a franchise and there are others, one of which is in headingly. This is the menu for that milkshake bar. Although it is much different online than it is in store. As the menus in store are really hard to read.

This menu is more decorative which I do like the idea of having more to a menu than just type, although I think that this is slightly too far. It looks a bit cluttered and too busy. The colours are too much in my opinion, I think that if it had less colour variations, it would look a lot better.

These are really good examples of milkshakes that are already pre-named and invented. Having named milkshakes like the birthday cake milkshake is a really good idea, especially because there will be so many people that will be looking to buy a special milkshake on their birthday. Using some names in the milkshakes might also entice people into buying a certain milkshake too.

Looking into all of these things to do with the milkshake bar and what will be needed for the menus and the wall art is important. As I really think that having a specials board so that people can just order from there if they cant make their mind up about what milkshake they are actually wanting.
I think that it is important to do more primary research on milkshake bars by visiting a few more, just to see what they are like and find another gap in the market and what me and Mel can do to improve the experience.

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