Monday, 4 May 2015

Milkshake Shop Primary Research

Primary Research.
Shake It.
Shake it is a milkshake shop near where I live in Otley, although it isn't in a really busy city, it still has a large footfall. Therefore I thought that it would be a good idea to go and get primary research and find out what milk shake shops have to offer. Also I wanted to see what the gap in the market is so that Mel and I can create something that stands out and is a bit different in a good way.

The milkshake shop itself has a clear colour scheme when approaching it, this is something that we need to do with our shop, have a clear colour scheme that stands out well in Leeds city center. Although I think that the colours used for this brand stand out a bit too much and are a bit harsh on each other. This is also something we need to consider, having a colour scheme and brand that compliments each other and attracts our target audience.

The menus in Shake it were also full black with pink and white writing which follows their brand aesthetic. Although the type is not very legible. I think that it is the amount of full bleed black, also the font itself for the headings is the same as the font for the logo. This is really hard to read especially in pink on a full black background. Taking this into account I think that for our brand we should use lighter colours, this will give a more of a friendly and approachable feel.

I think having menus in larger on the wall is appropriate. This is something that we are going to do when we create our milkshake brand, have some information graphics on the wall or posters with instructions on how to order the milkshakes and what there is to offer.

The decoration in the shop is all really retro to go with the theme of having a retro milk shake shop. This is really appropriate for the shop itself and adds to the aesthetic of it. Which is something we need to consider, the overall aesthetic of the brand.

The cups follow a similar colour scheme to the shop. We need to make sure that our cups and everything that goes with the brand and is consistent. Not just similar, but the closest we can get to the pantone of the colour scheme we are using.

From looking at Shake it the milkshake shop, it has really influenced my opinion of the brand that Mel and I are going to make, and what it should look like. This is becasue I have seen what works and what doesn't work, and what I feel needs to be included in a milkshake brand, and the aesthetics of it and how that appeals to our target audience.

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