Friday, 15 May 2015

Publication Ideas

Publication Ideas.
Thinking about my methodology and the way that I work then applying it to a publication is quite difficult. It is easier to see the way in which others work, but creating a publication about myself is something that I don't enjoy doing.

Something that I have found that I really enjoy and it is something that I have only just discovered that I like doing. I think that this could be a good way for me to show the way that I work. Although it would be really hard to include any information in it such as body copy. This is becasue people read at different paces.

Therefore I started to mind map me, and what it is that makes me as a designer and how I get there including the inspiration around me. Both personal and professional things contribute to the way I design, therefore doing this allows to to see further into what I should be doing.

Going back to the animation, I started to think about what I would include in it. I think that it should be about the way that I work rather than about what I do. Therefore I am more into image making and then applying it to some different areas of design, rather than being specifically into just packaging or just branding or just animation. An animation that tells a story about how important image making is, why I use it, then showing how I use it, applying it to different areas of design, starting with branding and running through to animation.

Tony Broomhead Crit.
The feedback I received for my publication ideas was to create a video of myself creating an image digitally. Either doing this and making it into an animation, or taking screenshots throughout and creating a publication just in case I am wanting to make a book. 

After the Tony Broomhead crit I decided that I would look again at the brief so that I would decide what I going to do with my publication. Doing this I realised that I need to include more information about how I work and showing examples of this, also showing examples of studios and how what I do is applied in design.

Therefore I have decided that I will create a book type publication that will have a hard back. It will start by going through image making and why it is important, how it is used and why, then moving through the different areas of design that I enjoy doing such as Brand, Packaging, Animation, Info Graphics, and Editorial, talking about images used in these areas, studios that I have visited or been in contact with and how they use images in their design, and the brief that I have done and used images for in these areas of design. Including my manifesto/statement, my methodology and stages of how I go through the image making process, this will show the way that I work well, showing the influences made through graphic design.

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