Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Syfy Submission Photography

Syfy Advertisement.
The Syfy brief was create anything that would connect with the Syfy viewers to get them more interested in the Syfy channel and make people want to watch it more. This could be anything from creating a TV advert to creating an event. Whatever you find will work best to connect to the viewer. Therefore I decided to create an advert that would connect to the Syfy viewers and get them to watch more of their programmes, and believe in the brand more. Because the brief is an animation, with some posters to go along with it I think that it would be most appropriate to hand in the animation on a disc and the posters.

I think that photography of posters is quite hard, therefore I did the best that I could with them. Although I think that the lenses of the cameras are quite bad as there are speckles all over the lenses which I will now have to photoshop out.

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