Friday, 1 May 2015

Spilt Milk Meeting 1

Spilt Milk.
Meeting 1.
Mel and I met up today and decided on this, w started to think about doing a collaborative branding brief. We thought about it for a few days and decided that we would come together with different branding ideas. We brought our ideas together and realised that it would be good for us to do a food or drink branding brief, it is something that we are both interested in and something we would both like to do.

Some of my ideas.
  • Jam Company - Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemoncurd - Bun and Cakes
  • Sweets - Sweet Shop Range - Sweets Range
  • Hotel - Room Pack - Stationery
  • Restaurant - Menus and Stationery - Signage for Shop
  • Coffee Range - Different Blends - Cafe
  • Cookies - Different Flavours - Delicatessen Shop
  • Fruit Smoothies - Different Flavours - Brand
  • Honey Range - Different Honeys
  • Macaroons - Packaging - Bags
  • Fast Food Place - Branding and Packaging - Take Out Stuff
  • Pet Food - Treats - Packaging
  • Beauty and Health - Soaps - Smellys
  • Clothes Brand - Tags - Shop
  • Barbers - Branding - Information Graphics
Mel also had a lot of the same kind of ideas, therefore we decided to stick with the food and drink theme for our branding brief. Mel had a Milk Shake Branding written down on her list, and I had cookies, and we started to think that we wanted to do one of these two, them we realised that we can do both. We can have aspects of all of the briefs in one. Doing a Milk Shake brief means that we can have a sweet range involved for the milkshakes, also we could have a cookie range, creative packaging for the cookies to go along with the Milkshakes.

Spilt Milk is going to be an up and coming milkshake bar in Leeds city center. We will define all of the specifics on the brief itself. Moving on from this we have come up with a name and we both need to think about logos, aesthetics of the brand and colour choices. This is what we are going to think about before we next meet. Only thinking about the ideas, rather than logos themselves.

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