Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Putting Spilt Milk Together

Making the Spilt Milk Ephemera.
Mel and I decided to take a day aside and get everything printed and made together so that we could help each other do it, as it would definitely take more than one person to do all of the making of the ephemera for the branding. We both cut our all of the things that we did and made them, then we both went through the other parts like the pattern on the jars and the labels for them as it was quite fiddly.

Having both of us doing the printing and making made the task a lot easier and quicker. Mel and I have worked really well together through this brief so far, we work at the same pace and have equal skills in different areas which is great for this branding brief as there are many different parts to it that needed doing. We have a photography slot in a few days to picture it all. Therefore all we have to do between now and then is to bind the brand guidelines which Mel is doing, and sort out the props to go in the jars, and the cookie packaging, which I am sorting out.

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