Thursday, 7 May 2015

Spilt Milk Meeting 3

Meeting 3.
After the meeting the other day, Mel and I decided on some of the deliverables that we would like to produce for this milkshake brief. Therefore we decided that we should get together again to distribute the jobs so that we can get more done in a quicker time. This will work really well as we both trust each other with any of the jobs available to do, therefore we both just split the jobs evenly.

Work on logo.
Labels for jars of sweets and cups ect/ patterns.
Loyalty cards.

Cookie gift bags.
Menus for the wall.
Menus for the tables.

This is something that we are both going to work on over the weekend. Because we have already established our brand aesthetic and concept that our milkshake bar would promote social meeting and social networking. It makes it easier to work out how we are both going to design our own things, becasue we have already disgust what we are going to use.

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