Monday, 11 May 2015

Adnams Label Development

For this brief I will be re branding and making the packaging and labels for the Adnams beers that are available in supermarkets. Also after looking further into the brand and what works well for sales in supermarkets, I am also going to be creating a gift pack for the three main beers that are sold in store. This includes three beers and a pint glass;
This will be the gift pack that I will be re-branding. I think that making a gift box gives the customers a more luxurious feel to the pack and the purchase. It will also make the recipient of the gift feel like the gift is more luxurious. I think that it is important to re work the logo to make the packaging stand out more without being too garish as I think it may be seen now.

The Logo.

Using the original logo and applying different colours to it. Although the logo used on the labels and packing currently are the original logo in a dark blue on a banner/flag, which looks a bit tacky and the colours are quite garish using them together.

Trying to keep the general aesthetic of the labels the same so that they are recognised, but trying to make them more appealing to their audience is very important for the re-brand of these labels.

Using slight details on the boats will allow them to have slightly more depth and I think that this is something that is missing from the current labels, having them slightly 2 dimensional makes them not stand out a lot on the shelf, which is something I am going to try and avoid, to make them stand out on the shelves.

Trying out different colour variations to see which will work more to get the labels to stand out on the shelf. Something that I have found about the original bottles is that they are quite dark in the colour use, therefore I don't think that this would work, I think that they should be slightly darker whilst more aesthetically pleasing.

Going for a different effect with a coloured smoke like effect as the background colour rather that having a water coloured effect in the background. I think that this is more appropriate for the labels and having the water illustrations under the ship gives the allusion that it is on the water.

Trying to make the ship stand out more on the red smoke background by placing a lighter red with a glow on the ship did not work, it made it look slightly tacky. Also making the type white makes it clearer, it also brings out the ship on the label.
To make the type stand out more, and make sure that it is legible by putting a blue banner on the bottom of the labels bring the original brand colours back into the labels so that they can link to the bottle caps. This is really important and works really well. It will also create another link of consistency throughout the brand and make the link between the three different bottles stronger.

Keeping consistency throughout the three different beers by simply changing the colours, ships, and the information. They work individually and work as a set. I think that it works so much better with three ships on each of the labels, it boosts the idea of it being on the water using the ships.

Back Label.
For the labels for the back of the I decided that to keep them authentic and like they would actually be on the shelves, I would include all of the same information as there is on the current labels, including all of the health information and ingredients.

After creating the front and back label I realised that the colours didn't exactly match the original colours in the labels in the current bottles. Therefore I decided to make a colour match to the current packaging and make them slightly brighter, this is so that they stand out more on the shelves, also so that they are lifted from the bottles slightly more. This is because the bottles are very dark.

Overall I think that the label designs work really well and that they are so much more aesthetically pleasing than the current Adnams beers. This is something that works well as a set, but also work well on their own, therefore if some supermarkets don't have all of the beers they would still work on their own.

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