Thursday, 21 May 2015

Wide Eyed Evaluation


The branding for Wide Eyed Records went really well. The idea of creating a brand that shows something new and fresh, but also like a wonderland, works really well for Wide Eyed. The brand itself is fresh and new this reflects in the logo. After doing this brief the client came back and wanted more merchandise doing, and wanted to expand his brand online and create an online presence. The range of merchandise created was appropriate and the client was happy with it all. If I had more time on this brief I would have suggested producing record sleeves and vinyl labels for when he starts to get his vinyl’s made for his tracks, although he said that he would always come back when he needs something else designing. I am really happy with the branding itself I think that it really suits the concept of the brand and works really well. More than that the client loves it and the reaction towards the record company have been amazing. Wide Eyed Records has now made onto beatport, which is for online underground house music, something that the client has been trying to get on for a long time, but it needed to be established, have a brand and artwork first. This shows how successful the branding has been.

As well as this it has lead to many other people approaching me about branding their new businesses after seeing the Wide Eyed branding, such as RayNite. Also creating the event posters for clubs in Verbier which Wide Eyed were appearing at. These were great opportunities, as I was then invited to Verbier to the launch party and visit the club, which I had been doing promotional posters for. Wide Eyed is a Record company that I will stay in touch with and always be a part of, the client suggested that he would always come to me for any design work needed. Having this as a live brief allowed me to experience working with a client and working to someone else’s needs. It has given me a lot more experience with working with clients and open doors to other opportunities.

Overall I am really happy with what has been produced for Wide Eyed Records, also the positive feedback and opportunities that have come from it has been great. I have gained a range of skills for working with clients and how to handle decision making, but also it has allowed me to see how much I enjoy building a brand. If I were to do this brief again, there isn’t a lot I would change, although maybe some decision making on changing some of the materials I used for things like the caps. They didn’t heat press well; therefore I would have tried to get them sowed on in the first place. But this was development for the process, and I would have done everything else the same way, as it works well.

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