Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Spilt Milk Development

For this brief both Mel and I distributed the jobs evenly, this is so that we can get the most amount out work done and use our time efficiently. Some of my jobs were to produce the coasters for the milkshakes, so that if people wanted to eat/drink in, they can sit at a table and their milkshakes would go on the coasters. Also another job of mine is to produce the loyalty cards for Spilt Milk.

For the coasters I am wanting them to follow the brand guidelines. I want them to reflect the actual brand rather than reflect the patterns used for the chocolates, sweets, fruit or cakes. The brand has a stripe pattern to it which is found on the back of a lot of the products and ephemera. This is something that I want to include in the coasters on either the front or the back. I want to coasters to be very lighthearted and consist of quotes and type only. The quote on them should be playful like the brand and share the brand colours and messages.

I have worked out that the stripey pattern doesn't work well on the front of the coasters, this is because if the type, and the fact that it doesn't read well with the stripes on the front. Therefore I think that keeping the stripey print to the background of the coasters, like it is on the menu and the takeout milkshake cups too.
I think keeping the coasters quite simple and referencing social network throughout is a good idea for the coasters. It will encourage people to use social networking, which will help the business become more established and get more people to know about Spilt Milk.

Loyalty Cards.
Loyalty cards are quite an important thing to have in a milkshake shop. It does encourage people to come back as well as having a really nice milkshake. I think that it is important to keep the design for the loyalty card, keep it within the same aesthetics of the brand itself, using the stripes as the back of the loyalty cards will do this.

I started by looking a different loyalty cards to see how many stamps you would need before getting a free item. I decided that instead of having blank circles I would do an illustration of a milkshake in the same style that I have done the other illustrations. I realised that it would be really hard to see how many stamps or signatures when it is full colour, therefore I think that making the milkshake glasses have a 30% opacity this would make the signature, sticker or stamp more clear.

The milkshakes make the loyalty cards what they are. Without them the loyalty card would look too bare. When the customers buy a milkshake there will be small rounded stickers that are clear and have the full colour of the milkshakes so that it is clear how many milkshakes have been bought on the loyalty card.

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