Monday, 11 May 2015

Jar and Cookie Labels

One of my delegated jobs is to create the labels and patterns for all of the different areas of the menu whilst Mel is making the menu itself. For the labels I am wanting there to be illustrations in each of the labels. This is something that is important to the brand.

Jar Labels.
The patterns that I made with all the different sweet goods was made for jars, to show what is in each of the jars, there will be a label on each of the different jars, and the pattern will relate to what is inside the jars. The top of the jars have a small space where you can see in the top, as the jars will all be on shelves and stuff I think that having the name in the top will make it easier for the staff to see in the top.
Although the tops of the chocolate balls and the hundreds and thousands is quite small, therefore it wouldn't being legible on the top of the jars. Therefore the smaller ones won't have the name in the top, but it will have the pattern so that it is clear which kind of food it is. There will also be labels so that it is really clear.
Each of the jars have a small square label on it that is going to be attached by a teal ribbon. Each of the patterns on the label corresponds with what is inside the jars and bottles.

Cookie Labels.
After doing a lot of research about cookie packaging, I first thought that having small paper bags with just the biscuit and cake pattern on it. But I think that keeping it the same as the jars would be better, also it means that if I used clear bags with a sticker on it, the customers can see the cookies that they are buying.

The rest of the cookies are all made the same, there will be 6 different cookies available for sale. This is one of our selling points of having a milkshake bar in Leeds. It offers cookies to go with the milkshakes. As milk and cookies go well together. Other milkshake shops just sell milkshakes and offer nothing for food, if we are encouraging people to eat and drink in and be more social, then offering them food will help them to do this.

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