Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Presubmission Tutorial.

Pre-submission Tutorial.
Design Boards.
For the pre-submission tutorial I have taken in all of the boards that I  have made which is about 7 boards. Some of them include research boards, this is only where I thought they would be appropriate. I am aware that some of my boards need some work on them, therefore I am expecting some feedback for that.

  • Include on every board, the brief and the concept for my brief.
  • Include research boards for each brief, and development of how I got to where I go. And where I came from.
  • Have 1-2 boards on the main final thing, other should focus on process and decision making.
  • Be analytical more than being descriptive.
  • Try to have 5/6 boards for each project.
  • Keep the boards consistent so that they all work as a set.
  • Don't include statement boards, don't show the solution first before seeing the development.
  • Relevant detail where appropriate, such as typeface and colour choices for example.
  • Include an evaluation of each brief in my project file.

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