Friday, 8 May 2015

Quentin Tarantino Box Set Photography

Quentin Tarantino Box Set.
For the Tarantino box set I wanted to do it justice, as the box set itself looks really well made and like it is a real thing, therefore I want this to be seen in the photos. The colour scheme used in this box set is a lot of black and red to show the violence in the films. The black on black is a theme that I have gone through throughout the making of the box set therefore I think that it is appropriate for me to have a black background for the photography.

The photography for this brief took a lot longer than I thought it would as there is so much information that I wanted to show. The main parts of the making and designing of the box set were the covers and the imagery inside, including the information graphics. Although showing all of this is one picture would be really hard. Also what looked most effective in the photos were the box set itself and the pattern that I made for in. The red and black work well together this is why I chose for it to be on a black background.

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