Friday, 21 November 2014

The Design Republic Mini Brief

The Design Republic Workshop Entry.
The Brief.
brief —give me something i'll want to keep forever.
tip — remember this is primarily a design communication design thinking workshop.
researching me to make informed decisions
lateral thinking — what is it that I (ME) would / could cherish forever
if it's made / realised then all the better.
if it needs explaining, then you should find a way to explain it in the context of the piece rather than as a note attached to it as an excuse for not putting that thinking into the work

We received this email from Ian Anderson through our tutor. Due to the limited time scale I don't have a lot of time to think of too many different ideas. I started to research into Ian Anderson and how it got to where he is now, the different things that he is interested in, and deeper into him as a person. I found a lot of interviews and things about his exhibitions. Although not too much about him as a person, other than I know he supports Sheffield Wednesday, and he may or may not be the man who is posing as a horse in the google images. Then I started to read back through the brief, and saw a lot of things about 'I' and thought that it might be more appropriate to make an illustration of him and send that through. I think that this would be a good idea for him, as he may actually want to keep an illustration of himself.

Starting off with just using the head made it look slightly strange therefore I decided to add shoulders and put it slightly into more context.

Working from this image above of him I created this illustration. I originally had his name and his studio in the image, as seen above, but thought that it shouldn't need explaining, and if is does then its not good enough.

The background looked a bit bland. Therefore I decided to add a colour on the background. Trying out different colours for the background I finally came to blue, this is the same colour as his favourite football team, therefor I think it will be appropriate for him.

The brief is intended as an entry, and from all the entry's Ian Anderson chooses who will be able to go to his workshop. Even though it was a very restricted brief, time-wise, I want to attend the workshop, therefore put everything aside to make time for this brief. I am happy with my entry for this brief and hope it is something that Ian Anderson will Cherish forever. And although I could really use the time which the two day workshop takes up to do my extended essay, I would like to attend the workshop.

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