Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Wide Eyed Part 1

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Module Title:
Extended Practice
Learning Outcomes:

BRIEF TITLE: Wide Eyed Records Part 1
BRIEF NUMBER: Brief 7 – Part 1

Create a brand and the identity of a new record company called Wide- Eyed Records. Also the Merchandise for the company that is necessary.
Producing underground house music, showcasing the music made in Verbier and Ibiza. Not a regular household name. Found by people who love and enjoy underground house music, not for commercial use.
Consider the audience and how to connect to them. Consider what printed ephemera will be needed, and the time scale so that it’s ready in time. Also look up other current house music producers and record companies to see how they connect to their audience.
Mandatory Requirements:
Knowledge on underground house music and other record label brands. Presentation boards for client.
Target Audience:
Underground house music phenatics. Mainly not a brand that people will find by accident, found by people who know, and people who are looking.
Tone of Voice:
Eye catching, fit in but stand out, original, serious and relaxed aesthetic, to the point.
  • Logo
  • Business card/Stationery
  • T-shirt/Caps/Hats
  • Stickers
  • Logo Stencil
  • Banner

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