Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Wide-Eyed Stickers

Wide-Eyed Records on stickers will be distributed at events that are at. This happens a lot at house nights, and is successful, everyone is looking to get the stickers, this is something I have researched and I have also experienced. It is a really good way to promote the company. This is something that the client really wants.

I decided to internally get some stickers printed, this is because the client is unsure about what he wants on the stickers, and the layout of them, also to colours. Therefore I thought that it would be better to print off some testers rather than wasting money printing in bulk printing on something the client isn't happy with.

The Printed Stickers.

The stickers printed out successfully and the client is really happy with them, although it didn't help to decide which of them he wanted to print and mass produce. He will now be getting some of each of the sticker designs. The only thing about these stickers are that there wasn't any white vinyl so the white in the vinyl is clear on these stickers, but as they are just testers it is OK.

Mass Printing the Stickers.
I think that this is a reasonable price to pay for the stickers, opening up an account for the client means that he will be able to order the stickers when he needs more after I have finished with the brief, it he runs out. I have found these quotes on vistaprint which is the best quote I have found so far. The larger stickers(76mm x 76mm) cost a lot more than the smaller stickers(38mm x 38mm). This is something that the client will need to choose.

I will be printing more things for this client including t-shirts and caps, therefore I have found an external printers that I have used a few times in the past, they produce a good quality print at a very reasonable price. I will be be using them for the t-shirts so inquired whether they print stickers or not. They do print stickers, therefore I will be going to them to order the stickers too. This is also becasue of the limited choice in sizes of stickers that I have found online, the client is looking for something bigger, like the larger sticker I internally printed. 

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