Friday, 21 November 2014

Intern Magazine Day Brief

Intern Magazine.
Alec Dudson.
  • Internship in Milan at a magazine called domus, and was there for two months.
  • Internship for 7 months at Boat Magazine, was an unpaid internship.
  • Each issue of boat goes to a different city. Sept 2012 was Athens, this meant that the unpaid internship was worth it for Alec Dudson. 
 He then decided to go out on his own with the independent magazine called Intern.
  • Engages with realities in the magazine.
  • Both for and against interns.
  • Get the brand out there with the Issue 0.
  • Created a kick starter campaign to raise funds.
  • Distributed Issue 1 himself.
  • Adverts in the magazine from the sponsors are designed and applied by Intern for Intern.

Independent Magazine Brief.
Create and invent our own independent magazine. Get into groups of 5-6 people and think about creating a crowd funding concept for the magazine. Present in groups then receive feedback.

My group.
  • Me
  • Melissa Gater
  • Melissa Hardcastle
  • Amy Hill
  • Sam Walker
  • Caitlin Walsh
When starting this brief we all started to think about things that we would be interested in looking at, this is so that the brief would be more interesting for us.
After a lot of deliberation and going to and from different ideas as we found floors in some of the ideas we were most excited about, we came to the outcome of 'Stay' an independent magazine about traveling in the UK.

We started to look into what our concept is, the audience that we will directing it at and the content which will be in the magazine. Even though we only have to produce a cover, we decided that it would be best to have a background for the magazine by informing ourselves on what is inside the magazine.

We all decided together on an audience of young professionals with disposable income, this is becasue we are wanting people to take advantage of the UK and what it has to offer, also attract people to travel more often. So that people busy people could still get away for the weekend. We also all decided that 'Stay' magazine would be seasonal which is our niche, so that it would be brought out every quarter and will highlight the different seasons and what would suit people more in those seasons in each magazine.

Winter Cover.

Caitlin, Amy and I started to work on different cover suggestions, they were all very similar, therefore we decided on a certain layout together and the typeface we are using was designed by an English man. We chose this typeface as we intend to keep everything British including distribution, stock and printing. We were all working on different seasons, mine was winter. It took quite a while to find a good quality image from the UK to represent winter well. Each of the images we used for each season are all chosen so that they look like they are from out of the UK, when actually these are the kind of sights you can see here. This is exactly the concept our magazine has. Although we created the covers, everyone in the group had an input and decided on the final ones, and the concepts behind them. As well as the covers Amy mocked up what a spread would look like in the magazine, which helped to see more of how it would work.

Crowd Funding.
Whilst we were looking at the covers, Sam, Mel and Mel were looking into the crowd funding and what our video will look like. They came up with the idea of having lots of shocking images from around the UK, places which no-one would think would be in the UK. Then shock by saying where they can find these places. Sam suggested ideas of in the video showing studio space, and progress on the magazine itself, this would show that we are capable, and may increase funds. Looking further into what the benefits would be to investing in our magazine, we wanted to make it more personal to our magazine by offering visits and tours around the places we are showcasing in our magazine. Therefore Sam and Mel were working on the rewards to investing in our magazine.

For our presentation we all chipped in on elements of the magazine, even if it was a small contribution. The feedback we received was that it is interesting and what they like most about it is the seasonal elements, and they could see that it could actually work. The only improvements were to define the audience a bit more, which is something we were aware of before we went into the presentation. 

At first I was skeptical about the subject of our magazine, but then when we all started discussing what we could do for it, and what it would include. I am really happy with the group I was in and the subject we chose for our independent magazine, as I think it would be really interesting. The presentations went really well apart from two of the four covers for the seasons didn't come up on the screen. But other than that I think that it went really well. The day was really interesting and I learnt a lot, although I thought that we would all come out with a few layouts for magazines therefore it was different to what I thought. Overall it was a very helpful day.

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