Thursday, 6 November 2014

Wide-Eyed Brief

Wide-Eyed Record Company.
The Brief. 
Create a brand and the identity of a new record company called Wide- Eyed. Also the Promotional material for the launch party.
Producing underground house music, showcasing the music made in Verbier and Ibiza. Not a regular household name.
Consider the audience and how to connect to them. Consider what printed ephemera will be needed, and the time scale so that its ready in time.
Target Audience.
Underground house music phenatics. Mainly not a brand that people will find by accident, found by people who know, and people who are looking.
Tone of Voice.
Eye catching, fit in but stand out, original, serious and relaxed aesthetic, to the point.
Knowledge on underground house music and other record label brands. Presentation boards for client.
  • Logo
  • Business card/Stationery
  • T-shirt/Caps
  • Stickers
  • Logo Stencil
  • Banner
  • Promotional Posters

This is a live brief, and is a new record company that is going to be opening. Doing a live brief will be really good for me at this point, as there are more limitations, which means that I need to be more strict with myself with timings. It also means that I will be able to get real feedback and have more experience with working with an actual client rather than just doing loads of my out set briefs for no real purpose. Originally the client asked for ideas for the name also, but they then came up with Wide-Eyed, which is suppose to suggest wisdom, wonder and the idea of being fresh and new. This is perfect for the label in my opinion and think it will work really well, therefore they have bought the rights to that name.

I started to think about the different things that are asked within the brief. The client and I also started to think about what else he will be needing for the future for example the artwork for the digital releases, although when it comes to that I will have a separate brief, as there is a rush for the actually branding itself.

The Deadline.
The final deadline for this brief is the 28th November, although to have all the t-shirts printed and the banners ready, I will need to have really good time management o get this done, amongst everything else and the other brief I have at the minute. Therefore I am looking to have everything designed and ready for the 20th November, which will give me time to get everything printed, and time in case anything goes wrong.

Relationship with Client.
The client has said that they want to be a huge part of the designing of the branding and will want to have a massive input. As it is there business and are passionate about it, it will help me, as they know what they want and won't take anything less. This is an experience with a client that I have never had before, as I have previously just worked with people who don't really know or care about the design. I will be keeping in touch with the client throughout this entire process and will be meeting them quite regularly for suggestions and amendments.

Whats Next?
  • Mind map of different ideas for the logo.
  • Drawings of logos.
  • Digital logos.
  • Meet with client for suggestions - 9th Nov.

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