Friday, 30 January 2015

Etoile Rouge Launch Night Posters

Etoile Rouge.
The client has asked for some posters doing for his first official night and launch party for Wide-Eyed. The main DJ will be the client himself, OWAY. Therefore I need to include this on the posters, I was also told to include the Wide-Eyed Logo as the main focus, keep the design 'simple' and 'cool'. I have been given the logo of the club that the launch night is at, which needs to be on the poster, and the colour red needs to be focused on too. He is wanting two posters doing, one being quite general, as OWAY is resident every Thursday at Etoile Rouge, and the other poster being the specific launch night poster with the dates of the launch night on there. From here it got handed over to Etoile Rouge who I am now arranging these event posters with.

Initial Ideas.
Incorporating the club logo into the poster is really important for this. The club wants to get as much publicity as they can from this. Although the logo that I have been sent is very small and pixelated. The quality of the logo is bad and the logo itself is difficult to incorporate it with the style of the brand. As the poster needs to be red, I think that I should I should include the colours from the logo, this will make it more in-keeping with the Etoile Rouge brand.

The logo of Etoile Rouge has an affect of a light red/orange merging out to a darker red, this is something that I plan to do with the poster, therefore creating a gradient will do this. Although the client wants a simple poster, I think this would be too simple have a gradient block colour.

I then decided that I would make it more 'mystical' like the client likes, by taking some darker and lighter reds and mixing them through a shape, then warping them so that it blends. This gives the poster a better effect, although I think that the colours will be too vibrant on the background and the gradient wont be seen, therefore putting a 50% opacity onto it will allow both effects to come through.

Using the information provided by the client, I am making the 'Wide-Eyed' stand out as the main focus, and the date of the event the next main focus, trying to include the logo of the club quite small but the name still standing out so that people can see where it is, whilst avoiding making the logo too big as it is harder to fit in.

Testing out different layouts and colours for the poster to communicate the event most successfully. 

The client has limited time and needed the poster doing in just a few hours for a meeting, therefore needed an example of what the poster could look like. I sent this to the client to suggest that this is the amount of information given, is this how simple they wanted it or are they wanting something a bit different. Also the logo is just too small and pixelated to be used. I will need to have a better quality logo if it has to be on there.

Speaking to the client.
This is the idea that the client has, he liked the background and some of the layouts, but needed the logo to be larger, or else his client wouldn't be happy (the club). Placing the logo at the bottom of the poster but larger and more fireflies.

Trying using different colours of the wide-eyed brand and different fireflies, I found that the black was just too harsh, as the client agreed. Also the logo that I have been given for the club does not work for this, it decreases the effect of the posters as it is such as bad quality image.

Experimenting with more fireflies, I decided that there are too many fireflies, and it take away from the event itself and is too over the top. The client would also agree with this as he wanted it to be simple.

This is the turning point of the posters. The Wide-Eyed logo can work as either black or white, which gives the great ability of it being able to go with anything. Using the Etoile Rouge colours for the Wide-Eyed logo makes them link more. I decided that I would redraw the the Eoile Rouge logo, which meant that I could also adapt it slightly so that it could look better and work well with the poster. The client allowed this as long as it wasn't changes too much it promotes the club. Although the client did not like the fireflies changing colour.

Trying to make the background stand out less by changing the opacity so that the logos can both be more prominent. Although it makes the poster look quite flat.

Instead of making the opacity less I decided to lighten the background colour. Also putting a white shadow onto the Etoile Rouge type makes it more like their original logo. I also needed to add in the clients name 'OWAY' onto the poster. Also adding a glow and light shadow onto the Wide-Eyed logo make it stand out a lot more.

From the poster I simply changed the type so that there is one launch poster and a generic one for each Thursday. Having constant communication throughout the process of producing the poster, means that the client has had a lot of involvement in the decision making. The client is very happy with the posters and is going to the meeting today. After this I will receive more feedback from it. This is the good thing about having live briefs on the go throughout OUGD603, as I can receive real feedback form a real clients.

After sending off the flyers, Etoile Rouge were concerned that their name wans't big enough on the posters, therefore I have made slight re-arrangements, takning away the circle as they don't wish to have Wide-Eyed in a circle.
This has been made, also landscape versions for the cover photo for social networks. Working with Etoile Rouge has been a really great experience, as I have been able to keep contact with different people and work to what they like, rather than just what I like doing.

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