Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Chirstmas Gift Wrap Photography

Tiger Print Gift Wrap.
For the tiger print brief I decided that I would just mock up each of the wrapping paper that I designed onto gift bags and tags, this meant that I didn't need to have them printed or make them myself, this would save me lots of time. Also because the brief was to create a surface pattern I didn't think that it would be appropriate to create the gift wrap itself. Although after creating my design boards, I found that it doesn't do justice to the gift wrap itself. Therefore I decided that I would chose my favourite surface pattern and create gift wrap, gift bags and tags, and photograph them for this brief. I will also include on one of my boards a range of all of the different surface patterns I made and that they would all work in this way.

At first I thought that it would be a waste of time to make and photograph these surface patterns, when I could just mock them up. But I think that after I have done it, it was really worth it as it looks so much better than the mock ups that I produced. Although I don't think that it is necessary to creating the gift sets for all of the patterns, just one to show in an example.

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