Thursday, 29 January 2015

Wide-Eyed Merchandise External

Merchandise Ordered.
For the brand and before the launch night the client is wanting merchandise. He is wanting a variety of different things, a lot of them I can print and produce myself, although there are a few things that are easier and cheaper to be externally printed and or made. For example a mouse mat, mug, iPhone cases e.t.c. The merchandise is mainly for the employees of Wide-Eyed, although he is wanting stickers to give out to people on nights out.

Everything the needed to be printed externally has been ordered. Although the client was wanting a zippo lighter for each of his employees. Although as it is a starting company with little incoming money, the zippos proved to be slightly excessive and expensive, therefore just the other lighters will do. The other lighters on the other hand will be printed internally, as I will be creating vinyls of the logo on lighters. As well as a few other things that the client is looking for.

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