Thursday, 5 March 2015

dba Evaluation


For this brief overall I feel like at first I was dreading it, as we had to get into groups which is not always fun. Then the brief itself was really quite difficult and was something we all struggled to get into. Thinking of ideas was hard, but as this was a collaborative group including me, Sarah Goldthorpe, Sarah Heal, Melissa Hardcastle and Danielle Harisson, it meant that we had lots of people suggesting ideas, which helped for this brief as it was a hard one.

Although after the first workshop day I think that we made a lot of progress and got really positive feedback from the professionals that came in. From that point onwards we really got going with this brief and started to think about the actual designs rather than focusing on the concept. After doing this we worked well together as a team. This is a group of people that I think I would work with again as there was a lot of hard work put into that brief and I think it showed in our presentation. The best part about doing this brief, as well as the group I had, was being able to work with professionals and receive their feedback, to take on board. These are people that I will keep in contact with after dba, as it is good to network, also their inputs on our brief helped so much. The strengths in this brief were definitely our team, we all work really well and hard together, also the fact that we all had basic skills on After Effects helped so that we could create something a bit different to what we usually would, and what everyone else will have done. I think the weaknesses that we faced were in the initial idea stages, it took us a long time to work out what we were going to do, although if I were to do this brief again I wouldn’t change it as it lead up to a really strong concept.

The presentation itself went really well, I think that we said everything that we want to as a group, and got our message across well. I think that having the pitches individually worked really well, and helped us see how it will work in future. This was a really good experience to have had. And even though we didn't end up winning, this is a really good brief experience and something that I will include in my portfolio.

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