Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Syfy Research

Syfy Adverts and Campaigns.
Looking up the current campaigns that Syfy have will be good for me to see what they have already done and how they execute this. Although I need to consider that the brief I am doing is not to advertise a show it is to advertise the brand itself.

This campaign is related to the Youtube website and over photo. This is something that I am going to try and do with my campaign or for this brief. Relate the campaign to everything that Syfy uses. This campaign works really well, although it is a countdown for a programme on Syfy, this is something that I need to avoid when producing this brief. As the brief states that it is advertising the brand not the programmes or shows on Syfy. The theme throughout this campaign is relevant to Syfy and works really well with the brand, this is something that I need to connect with.

A lot of the campaigns that are made for Syfy are for the TV, this is something that I am going to bare in mind. I think that it is appropriate to create a video of some sort. As I have started to create more animations, I will try do do that for my video. This advert is linked to comic con, this is something that I thought about doing, although I would need to do it in a different way now. Although I still think that it would be appropriate.

Being out of the ordinary, going a little bit further. Syfy is trying to embody the idea of escaping the norm, this is something that I need to embody too when creating my campaign. Make the campaign to get people to think out of the box, trying something different, think further than ever before.

What does Sci-Fi mean to you? (comic con)
  • What you could be...
  • Exciting
  • Geeky
  • Escaping the norm
  • High concept
  • Intelligence
  • Expanding imagination
This is what the fans of sci-fi said sci-fi means to them. Syfy the brand needs to reflect all of these values in a their campaign, this will lead more people to watching and following Syfy.

For their twitter page, I will need to apply the campaign so that is will work in this format too, showing how diverse it is going to be. And how well it will work with the brand.

Like the twitter page the facebook has to be able to have the campaign applied to it too. This is very important to show how it is diverse.

The .com version of the website shows off the brand a lot better than the .co.uk version. I want my campaign to be able to fit across both, although have more of a look of the .com version, as I think that the execution is better, in my opinion.

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