Thursday, 12 March 2015

Year Book Pitch Evaluation


The collaborative for the year book came up at last minute as a few of us wanted to do it but didn’t realise we needed more than two people, therefore Melissa Hardcatsle, Amy Hill, Melissa Gater and I decided that we would do it, as we all had ideas for it.

As a group we started off really well with everyone coming up with some really good ideas, and thoughts about what we will produce and the concepts for the yearbook. I really like the idea of the showing the journey that we have all been on in the least cheesy way possible, and showing that we have all made it out at the end. This is something that everyone on the course can relate to and be a part of. Injecting personality into the yearbook is really important, as well as our yearbook pitch group, many other people said that it was important to them on our course. Therefore there will be pictures of us a year group throughout the publication. The strengths in this brief for me personally was the collaborative itself, some people don’t like working in groups and like to make it hard for others. So this is something I have learnt from doing this brief, don’t work with friends, unless you know you work well together, and I have learnt to have a lot of patience. Patience is important as you will not always get to work with people who enjoy working in groups therefore learning to get through briefs with people like this is crucial, as this may happen in the future in design studios, and you have to learn to deal with people like that. I think that in this brief we were successful at coming up with a strong conceptual pitch, with the concept running throughout. The colour scheme worked really well for this brief, as it is not gender biased, it is a popular colour throughout the year group, which I think was a good decision made throughout the brief also. Melissa H and I designed and made all of the typeface for the presentation, as we thought that this would get the idea across better, whilst Melissa G worked on how it would tie in with the end of year show, this worked really well as we all individually had our own jobs to do to get more done, and accentuate on peoples skills.

Although we didn’t win the yearbook pitch there were other yearbooks up for grabs to sign up to. Which I would have loved to be a part of but my group had fallen apart by this point. If I were to do this brief again I would chose my collaborative team more wisely, as I have found throughout the year I actually really enjoy working collaboratively, there are more people to get ideas from, and different skills to use. Therefore I have found people that I know work really well together, and found people who really don’t. This will have been a good thing that we didn’t win the yearbook, even though I would have really like to have been able to put my name to a yearbook, it will not have been the nicest environment to work in.

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