Sunday, 29 March 2015

EP Covers

EP Covers.
When it came to the second part of the Wide Eyed brief, Oscar needed an EP Cover for his first release of Wide Eyed. I was given the names of the songs, Necesita and Swerve. I was also told that the Wide Eyed logo needed to be on there and he wanted it to have in image in the background. From this I started to work on what I was going to do for it by starting with making the names of the songs with the type that I have made for Wide Eyed.

Using the image that Oscar had previously sent me for the website, I decided that this could be a good way to subtly show the records and Oscar himself, showing how much knowledge and research he has done for his EP cover in all of the vinyls that he has. I think that putting a black box with an opacity of 80% over the top will allow the image to be subtle. Although sending this to him, he said that there is something missing.

I decided to add a white box around it, just to give it more detail, but in keeping with the same style of the brand, using the grouped fireflies again as a pattern. I thought that this would brighten up the EP cover and make it stand out a bit more, and maybe decrease the opacity to 70% so that the image is slightly clearer through the black.

This is not something that Oscar wanted, as he wanted it to be to darker version. Although started to suggest that he wanted something that reflected him less and reflected the song more. He decided that he wanted it to be to do with the name Necesita, which is a Spanish for something to do with a women, I am unsure what it actually meant but I know that he wanted it to be to do with something that he drew. Therefore I asked him to send me the picture so that I could see what he was thinking.

He sent me this image that he drew, it is something that is personal to him, but at the same time it is relevant to his EPs. This is what he is going for.
This is what he was looking for with the imagery, therefore it is something that I am moving onwards from. Although after working with this its looks a bit plain and too white in my opinion, I think that things on a plain white background often look quite tacky and cheap. This was also the opinion of the client. I think that having a darker background will work better.

On Photoshop I decided to invert the image, this would just give it a better effect with the dark image, which is what the client is going for with his EP cover. Using this image as the EP cover works really well, the client is also really pleased with it, also having the white type on the black image follows the brand guidelines for Wide-Eyed.

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