Tuesday, 3 March 2015


After attending my portfolio review, I found that a lot of my photographs in my portfolio were quite low quality. This is something I already knew, and is something that I want to fix. Therefore for my Wide-Eyed branding brief I though not only will this look better for the client. As I will send them these images before they actually receive all of the merchandise. Also it will look so much better in my portfolio being photographed properly and well. This is something that I haven't done a lot before therefore having the photography staff close, helped me a lot.

Above are a few of the photos taken, and when I got back I realised that the lense must have had dust on it, as there are four large pieces of dust on each image. Although this is easily fixable.

Final Edited Photos.

I am really happy with the images taken, as is the client. I will definitely be using the photography studios  for the rest of the briefs I will be doing throughout the year. And go back to photograph some of the briefs I have previously done and not photographed properly. From this experience I will remember to wipe the lense before starting next time.

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