Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Syfy Ideas

Syfy Ideas.
When think about the Syfy brief I immediately thought about what kind of design I would do for it. After doing some research about the current campaigns used for Syfy UK, I think that the most appropriate and strongest method of doing this is to produce an advert for the TV.

Mind mapping the brand Syfy and what it stands for makes the brief and the outcomes that could be produced clearer. The most important things that I have taken from this is that it is important to take the viewer on a journey and create a good story.

I started to think about some of the different things that I could produce for the outcome of this brief. And thought about how I could create an event, campaign, competition or advert. Although I really think that an advert would be the best option for Syfy UK.

When creating an advert I think that an animation would work the best. One of the ideas that I came up with was to create a few different scenes of different people on a sofa watching TV a bit like goggle box. showing different peoples reaction to something on the TV, being shocked, excited, scared e.c.t. then after this turning round and zooming into the TV where it shows the logo Syfy UK.

I also thought about creating a range of sci-fi characters and creating a collectors item, although I think that this would need advertising itself. I also don't think that the idea is as strong as the animation.

Thinking about creating an animation means that I can have more of a range of what I can achieve and create. I have decided that I want to take the audience on a journey through different worlds. This will show some of the areas and worlds which the brand Syfy UK covers within their programmes, without suggest the programmes them self.

Moving from under the sea, to the future, to space throughout the animation will take the audience on a journey, showing how you can chose whichever world you want to live in or be a part of.

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