Monday, 2 March 2015

Final Presentation

As a team we made the presentation, and started by doing it on powerpoint although we experienced a lot of problems with file sizes. The reason why we used powerpoint in the first place is so that we can include a video. Although our files were so bit it kept crashing. Therefore we thought that it would be good for us to create our presentation on After Effects. This meant that we are able to make the presentation and just pause it as we go.

The Presentation.
Introduce Presentation – Sarah G 
Moving Logo Concept – Melissa 
Logo – Sarah G 
Campaign – Sarah H 
Danielle Posters – (static and moving posters – describe – Why animated) 
Danielle Animation 
Daisy Poster 
Daisy Animation 
Sarah H Poster 
Sarah H Animation 
Melissa Poster 
Melissa Animation 
Sarah G Poster 
Sarah G Animation 
Environment – Sarah H 
Train Outdoor – Melissa T
rain Indoor – Daisy 
Logo – Sarah H (saying thank you for listening etc)

The Presentation.
The presentation itself went really well, I think that we said everything that we want to as a group, and got our message across well. I think that having the pitches individually worked really well, and helped us see how it will work in future. This was a really good experience to have had.

The feedback.
The feedback we received after our presentation was really good and constructive. They suggested that in our mock ups we should show it in situe rather than illustrations. This will show the client a better idea of what it will actually look like in time and space rather than illustrations of where they would be, as it confuses the client as to what is the design and what is the real life. This is definitely something that we will bare in mind when it comes to pitching to clients again. Also we focused a lot on the campaign of Less is More, More is North, when we should have applied the brand itself to the posters and things. This is something that made complete sense when they suggested it as we were pushing forward the campaign and posters a lot, and the brand just came behind, whereas we should have lead with it and spoke a lot more about the brand itself. 

After the Presentation.
After the presentation I received an email from Ian Loseby;
Hello Daisy.
I think your team might have been a close second - though as Ian said you don’t get anything for second in our industry.
Everyone put in a  lot of effort and the standard was very high, so for work to stand out means something.
All the best.
This was a really nice email to receive, and Ian is definitely someone that I will keep in touch with after dba has finished.
For this brief overall I feel like at first I was dreading it. As we had to get into groups which is not always fun. Then the brief itself was really quite difficult and was something we all struggled to get into. Although after the first workshop day I think that we made a lot of progress and got really positive feedback from the professionals that came in. From that point onwards we really got going with this brief and started to think about the actual designs rather than focusing on the concept. After doing this we worked well together as a team. This is a group of people that I thin k I would work with again as there was a lot of hard work put into that brief and I think it showed in our presentation. And even though we didn't end up winning, this is a really good brief experience and something that I will including in my portfolio.

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