Thursday, 19 March 2015

Syfy Development

Syfy Development.
After deciding that I was going to create an animation I started to think about what I was going to include in it. I decided to start creating the scenes in illustrator so that they are ready to animate. This means that every moving object needs to be created in a different layer.

I found some images of the futuristic world and how it could look making it look most similar. Although I have found that it looks nothing like a realistic futuristic world therefore I need to go with something a bit more simple and to the point.

This looks a lot more like a futuristic world than the first attempt. It also means that I can keep a consistency throughout the animation as I will keep the illustration style the same throughout.
I also decided that in this scene the method of transport would be a flying vehicle in the sky, this would be a futuristic vehicle, that would fly around in the sky on the animation.

Throughout the animation there will a be a vehicle running throughout transferring the viewers into different the different worlds through zooming into the screens, then back out into different worlds.

Under the Sea.
Choosing a colour scheme that will work for the under the sea scene is important. also I want the scene and the background to look as real as possible, this is why I thought that including the sun rays and highlights on the water would be a good idea. I will make these have an opacity in the animation so that it will fade in and out to make the water look like it is moving and look more real.

I also decided to create some creatures in the sea so that the submarine would pass some things under the water, this will also make the scene seem more real.

These are the screen developments for under the water, the layouts of the screens are all the same with different levels and information on them. Using the orange will connect with submarine used in the sea scene, the rocket in the space scene and the flying car in the futuristic scene.

Space Scene.
The rockets illustrated for the space scene keep within the same colour scheme as all of the other main objects in all three of the scenes.

Making the scene darker will help the idea of the futuristic scene, it will create mystery in scene which I think is important for this scene.

As well as there being a rocket in the space scene there will be the mother ship to take the rocket away and transport that in to a different world.

Some of the posters produced to support the adverts so that they can work 4D, experiencing the posters through time and taking the viewers on a journey.

The Logo.
Deciding on the logo colour and what I would do with it. I decided that I would get the mother ship to take away the rocket and spit out the logo then saying, which world do you live in at the end to some it all up.

Making the Animation.
Unfortunately I didn't take any screen shots throughout the making process, this is becasue I don't have After Effects on my mac, therefore I had to use the uni macs, and was in a rush when it came to the actual making of the animation. This is becasue I spent too long deciding on the actual ideas and the illustration for the animation, therefore I saved every second I could get before the YCN deadline. Although I feel that the animation went well and I have learnt so much during this brief.

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