Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Wide Eyed Brand Guidelines.

Wide Eyed.
Brand Guidelines.
As Wide-Eyed is a branding brief I think that it is appropriate to design brand guidelines especially as this is a live brief. This means that I can give it to the client so that he can have his guidelines so that if he gets anymore design work done, he has the brand guidelines to follow. Although he has said that he wants me to continue doing his design work, and when he needs an EP cover, an album cover, or any event poster, I think that it is still a good idea to have a hard copy of the brand guidelines for future reference.

Including the logo do's and don'ts in the publication is important. Especially including the exclusion zones, this is really important as it isn't an obvious rule unlike the fact that you can't stretch or quash the logo.

I think that there should be a page on the typefaces that I have used throughout the brand. But as well as this it is important to say how I used them. As for the Headings and main titles I tracked the typeface and made it so that the letters were only just touching.

The colours that are used throughout the brand are black and white, although there is also the teal colour that is used. It is only used for smaller details, and the website and online presence. This is so that there is a distinct detail that stands out amongst the rest.

Playing with the layout to make sure that it follows the brand guidelines is important. Therefore playing with the different layouts is important, making sure that the page isn't too cluttered. But also make sure that there is enough information on it.

Making sure that the layout is balanced is really important. I think that the body copy is slightly too large in these guidelines, therefore I need to make the point size a bit smaller.

This is the brand guidelines publication without the cover. The publication is going to be a single page publication bound by a black bolt to keep within the brand guidelines I need it to be black or white. Overall I am happy with the brand guidelines, I think that they are really important to a brand and that the brand is demonstrated well throughout and shows enough without babbling on a lot.

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