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Illustrations for Covers

I have decided that I would do covers for each of the films with black backgrounds, try to stick to a colour theme and make the illustrations on the covers as realistic as possible without being very detailed. Just as I have done the Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill illustrations. I am wanting the covers to illustrate an iconic scene in that film, I am not going to include the name on the cover as I think that the people who will be buying this boxset will know which film is which from seeing the iconic moments from the films. Although I may include a small name on the spine, so that when they are in the boxset they can be pulled out with ease.

Also for each of the covers I have decided to do a questionnaire to find out which is the most iconic scene for fans of Tarantino films. This is so that I could tell which of the scenes I should use on the cover. The people who fill out the questionnaire will need to have a good knowledge and understanding of the film, so that they can help decide which iconic scene to use on the front cover. After doing this I started to illustrate the scenes that were chosen for the covers. Trying to stick to a limited colour palette and a similar style throughout.

Reservoir Dogs. 
With Reservoir Dogs, the cover chosen was the scene where Mr White and Mr Pink had the gun off where they crossed guns towards the end of the film. There was another that could have been used which would have been the scene where they are all walking down the street in their black suits. Although I think that this may have been overly used, therefore I want to use one that is still iconic, but not overly used.
From Dusk Till Dawn. (the first film)
For From Dusk Till Dawn, the most iconic scene chosen was the moment just before the major incident in the film, where the vampires come out. This is an iconice moment in the film, showing both of the main characters is important, also the hand is crucial in the scene, as to a fan it shows the exact moment before the vampires come out and the shootings take place.

Inglourious Basterds.
The iconic scene from Inglourious Bastereds is the scene where he carves into Nazi heads. This is very iconic, and the camera angle is an iconic touch of Quentin Tarentino, therefore is perfect for this cover. I have decided that I would try a few different options for the covers of each film. Then when they are all finished I can find something that will match them all, and suit every cover. A style that will work throughout. Even if it means cutting out a large past of the illustration, it will be okay as the larger/full illustrations can still be used on the inside or in the information publication.

For Django the scene chosen was right at the start when they first started working as a team. This was a very memorable moment for the film. I am also unsure of the layout and what to do for this film, I could have them together or apart on the cover. The illustrations in this is quite colourful, more so than some of the original first ones illustrated. I may have to adapt some of them when finished so that they can all work as a set together.

True Romance.
After doing the first illustration, I found that I really don't like it, I don't think that it goes well with the rest of the illustrations. Therefore I started to do a different illustration and other iconic scene in True Romance. Although I wanted there to be two main characters on the front covers, where this is one man and he isn't a main character. Therefore I started to rework on the original image so that it suits the others more.

The scene chosen for True Romance was the end scene where there is a big blow out where there is a big shoot off. Clarence gets shot in the eye whilst Alabama crawls along the floor to be by his side. This is a good scene for the front cover as it shows the love between them, but also the violence that occurs around them. I am happier with the illustration now than I was when I first finished, the muted colours and more details makes the illustration more suited to the box set.

Jackie Brown.
The most iconic scene in Jackie Brown in my opinion with when she is annoying Lewis so much, and pushes him so far that he shoots her in the chest and belly. The was agreed upon by both me and the people who answered the questionnaire. These aren't the main two main characters in the film, although they are very important characters who make this film what it is. The illustrations are quite colourful, although I think that this might work for covers as there are a few of the illustrations that involve more colour than just black white and skin now.

Death Proof.

When doing the feet for Death Proof I decided to use a natural skin tone pallete for the feet, so that they look more real, as the previous colours I used didn't look great. They looked unreal and very garish. Although after illustrating them using more skin tone colours, they looked too far from the other illustrations colour and style-wise. Therefore I decided to put a mask over the top with a 50% opacity of the original skin tone colours. This makes the colour changes less harsh and makes them fit in so much more.
The cover for Death Proof was chosen from a few different car and feet combinations, this is an image of the main characters feet up on the dash board in a car. This is a good scene to choose as it is one of Tarantino's trade mark moves, he has got a thing for feet. The main character in Death Proof was always seen in the car with bare feet, therefore this works really well for the cover of Death Proof.

Other Covers.
The other covers that were previously done before Christmas and re starting this brief were; Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill Volume One and Kill Bill Volume Two.

Pulp Fiction.
Pulp Fiction was the first cover that I initially did, it is the reason why I wanted to create the box set in the first place. I created this image before I did the questionnaire about the covers, although I did find that all of the images that I have already created, the people who answered the questionnaire chose the same, or there was a draw on the same one. The Twist is one of the most iconic moments in Pulp Fiction and it is something that everyone remembers.

Kill Bill Volume One.
Kill Bill Volume One is very well known for the yellow leather suit. This is something that I decided I really want to use on the cover of Kill Bill. This is also quite and iconic colour for Tarantino.

Kill Bill Volume Two is a little bit different as I decided that I would only illustrate the parts that were going to be on the cover of the DVD. This may have been a bad thing when it come to making the publication. This is becasue all of the other illustrations are full, where as this one is half.

From this I will get all of the options printed so that I can put them in sets together, and see which on looks best. I will start to think about the inside of the DVD cases and how they will look, but also the discs themselves. After doing this I need to think about the measurements of the boxset and the DVD cases so that when they are finally printed it will all work together. I will also be making a poster to go inside the boxset  of all of the posters, either individually or all together. This will be a limited edition boxset therefore I need it to be special.

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