Sunday, 26 April 2015

Box Set Development

The Boxset.
After making the mock ups of the box set, I have realised just how I need to design the patter, I need it to be printed on an A2 so that it will fit around the whole box, although I will need to do  it a lot neater than I made the mock ups so that it look professional and like a real thing. I also think that even thought this is more of a packaging brief, I think that the it is also a branding brief as everything that is in the box set says a lot about Tarantino. Therefore I think that he needs a logo for name, and the box itself.

Going through and looking at lot of different bold typefaces, so that I can see which would suit Tarantinos name the best. I think that something quite bold and simple would be good. The typeface that I think works best for Tarantino is Archivo Black. Although I think that kerning it and making it upper case may make it more of a logo, and more like Tarantino.

Making the Pattern.
For the box set I have decided that I want to go with the idea of using smoke in the pattern, this will show a mysterious effect. But it will also act as a gun shot scene where the gun smoke is floating around. I also want to have the colour red involved too to show danger and blood in the boxset. This is becasue there is a lot of implied violence and seen violence in the film.

For the logo I thought that I could include the smoke in this, although after trying it out I have seen that it might be just a bit too much for the overall look of the box set, showing that the pattern has a smoke effect and the logo, is a bit too much, therefor I think that logo should be a bit plain and the background can be of smoke.

Smoke Variations.
I decided to make a few different coloured variations of a smoke effect pattern that I made in Photoshop. I did this becasue I wanted to keep a black/dark background but also wanted a one colour in there preferably red, but also including the smoke too as the detail in the pattern. I definitely think that the red or the white smoke looks the best. I am wanting the red to be involved to show the danger in it, also it is part of my colour scheme for the publication.

I decided to make the decision easier, I would test them with the name on the front so that I can see what they look like in context. I think that the patterns work well although I wanted Tarantino's name to stand out more on the background pattern, therefore I think that I should put a black opacity over the top.

I have also decided that the name on the box set should work more as a logo and Tarantino's brand rather than just his name in a typeface. Therefore I started to think about the fact that both his first and second name have NTIN in it, I think that these could work well going into each other therefore I tried to do it so that they merged together and connected. Although I don't think that this works well, although they fall exactly in the center when they are on top of each other. I think that having just the 'I' connected would work better and leaving a small gap too.

After putting a black opacity over the top of all of the I started to think about the red and how I want it to be more red, but still dark, therefore I think if I invert the red, it may give it a better effect. Also keeping the red darker and having black smoke through is will give the pattern more drama, also it will make the Tarantino logo stand out more.

I think that this will work really well for a Quentin Tarantino box set, I want to produce the box set as one large print and make it like that rather than using a box, then apply the Tarantino Logo onto it later, this will give the logo a rise on the box set, it will make it stand out and also so that it can be positioned properly.

Making the Boxset.
When I started to make the boxset, I started by doing the DVD's, this is something that I found really difficult. Cutting circles is not the easiest thing. Although after cutting them all out and applying them onto the DVD's, I realised that I have made the boxset so that it has two DVD trays on it. I only got 10 DVDs and printed 10 disc covers. Therefore I am going to have to go back to drop in so that I can get more printed off, this will set me back with time quite a lot but at least I have realised it now.

When making the box set I didn't print off a net, I simply printed large sheets of the pattern I created. Then by cutting out mount board of the right side and covering it with the pattern means that I can have a seamless printed box set rather than something that looks like it has been hand crafted badly. Although when making the boxset I cut out all of the mount board first, then started to put it together, one by one. I realised that I had stuck a peace of mount board down up side down, also the paper showed a slight bit of double sided sticky tape. Therefore I started again. I could have stuck some black card on the bottom but I didn't becasue I want to box set to look like a real boxset, something that looks professional and would be found in a shop.

The making of the box set went really well after that, I managed to get it all made, and to the right size, although it took a long time becasue of the mess ups and things that go with it, I am really impressed with it. I think that this is one of the most realistic pieces I have designed and made, and I am really happy with it. I hope that the photography slot goes well, and shows it off well.

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