Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Pink Teapot Banners

The Pink Teapot.
Sponsor banners.
I have previously done design work for the pink teapot which included character design, and some business cards, gift vouchers, posters for the cafe, take away packaging, menus, and stickers. Although recently they have needed banners designed for a cricket pitch. Sonya, the owner, has started to sponsor the cricket team and they are getting banners printed for the pitch. Therefore she needed some banners producing uses the characters that I have previously designed, and in the style of the business cards which I previously designed too.

After taking the polka dots for the back of the business cards and extending them to the edge of the banners, I found that putting any writing on the polka dots will not be seen or very clear if I am wanting it to be white. Which I do because the black looks too harsh on this.

Playing with layouts.
When I was playing with the layouts for this I decided that I definitely want it to say 'For you with love...' on the banner, as it is something that is on the business cards and the menus, and something that represents the cafe really well. I also realised that having the faces on the left and the writing on the right didn't look right at all, and that I should swap the faded polka dots to the other side.

Unsure about whether or not to use the words 'The Pink Teapot' or use The Pink Teapot logo. The logo is something that I didn't produce, although it is something that I do like and think suits the brand really well. I think that making the polkadots at the left have a higher opacity also making it look better than having them fade into nothing.

I then started to think about the information and the faded out polka dots and how they might look better in the middle than being at one of the sides, this makes the banner look more even. Although it means that there will be four characters instead of three, which means that Sonya will be on there twice, one with her eyes open, and the other with them shut like she is really smiling (which is the one she prefers).

These four banners are the four that I have sent Sonya, to see what she thinks and if she wants anything changing. This is something that she will get back to me really quick, as she is wanting this as a quick turnover brief. I should hear back in the morning about the outcome, which means I can do any amendments to it before sending it to the printers.

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