Thursday, 30 April 2015

Spilt Milk Evaluation


Spilt Milk is a collaborative brief that I am really happy with. Melissa and I decided that make a milk shake bar and create the branding packaging and printed ephemera for this because it is something that we both had an interest in doing. I think Melissa and I worked really well together, we split the jobs evenly and both worked to our own strengths. Working collaboratively is something that I used to dread, although I have learnt that worked collaboratively can often help productiveness rather than hinder it. It also helps to be working with someone that works in a similar way, but producing different things. I would definitely work with Melissa again, as I think we made a really good team.

The concept of Spilt Milk is that there are two sides to this brand, literally and figuratively, one side that will attract the busy customer, and the other attracting the customers that would like to spend time and be more social there. This is done through the simplicity of the brand, with the underlying pattern used throughout, also the use of colour and type throughout. I think that the colour choice worked really well, it is slightly different to the typical milk shake shops whilst being different enough to stand out. One of the strengths that I have gained during this brief is learning that working collaboratively means that you can get more done in the same amount of time, there is more input for the ideas and concepts and more opinions on the design and the processes used. If I had more time or could go back and do the brief over again I think that I would include try and include more of an online presence to support the idea of being more social.

The jobs were distributed evenly, and deadlines were met, therefore I think that this was a very successful collaborative brief. Something else that I would have changed if I were to go back and redo this brief was when photographing the work get a new lenses, as I have had to do a lot of adapting of the images, as there are splodges all over them. This is something that I will learn and consider in the future, as they are hard to see on the camera, but when putting them onto your mac it is a lot clearer. Overall I think that this has been a successful brief and I am really happy with the aesthetics of it.

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