Sunday, 19 April 2015

DVD Cover Mock Ups

Tarantino Covers.
Mock Ups.
As I have four different layouts for each of the DVD covers, I decided that I would  print them all out so I could lay them out together, and see which look best as a set. I narrowed it down to two covers for each. This made it easier. I then split them into two again, and asked the opinions of some peers to see which they thought would look best. The general outcome was that all of them work well as a set because of the style, and hey don't have to all have the exact same layout, because, some covers look better in different ways to others.

These are the two different sets that I gave people the opinion to choose. Although I have found that from these covers either of them would work as the cover and that they don't always need to be the same layout.

These are the layouts that I have chosen. I chose from looking at what worked best with each film, rather than what worked best with each other, as they were designed to work as a set in the first place.

The only thing that I am not sure about yet is whether I should use the more zoomed in versions of the illustrations like I was originally going to do, or used less zoomed in versions, that show more of the image, which makes the scene easier to work out. Although Tarantino fans will be able to see which films they are whether they are really zoomed in or not so either will work.

DVD Mock Ups.
To work out the measurements and make sure that it works well when I print, I made some mock ups with the DVD trays. The trays will be stuck to the covered prints with clear glue dots, this is also how it is done in other box sets that use trays to hold the DVDs. It works really well although I think that there should be a mock up using the actual print itself to see how it looks.

The print quality is terrible for this as I have used my printer at home which seems to be printing stripey, but also it has run out of yellow ink, so everything is very pink. The inside of the cover is black and white, this works well. One of the main reasons that I wanted to do a mock up with the actual designs, was simply to see if they were visible through the DVD trays. Which they are. All of the covers have been chosen and laid out correct for the measurements, as is the inside illustration that will be used throughout all of the films. This means that I can now get them all ready for print. 

What is next for the Tarantino Box set is to create the information publication about Tarantino and about the films them-self, as there will be no information on the actual case itself, therefore there should be information about it inside. I also want to include information graphics about some of the films and things that Tarantino does in there too. I also need to decide on a typeface to put the names of the films down the spines of the covers. After that I need to decide how the box set packaging itself is going to look, and what finishes I am going to use on it to make it look more special and limited.

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