Sunday, 19 April 2015

Syfy Evaluation


The Syfy UK brief started as a huge challenge for me as I wanted to explore into more than just creating a printed campaign. As I had just completed a small animation for another brief I thought that this would be a really good opportunity to do this. Also after researching into the brief, I think that the most appropriate method of creating a campaign and adverts for the brand would be to create a video or animation. This is something that took quite a long time but it was definitely worth it.

The skills that I have developed during this brief was definitely working out how to set up files for an animation, also using After Effects. This is a skill that I have always wanted to develop, after doing this I have realised that I would love to do more animation. Also that I don’t think that anyone has to choose one path to go down in graphic design as there is a huge relationship between print and digital that I would like to explore more. I think that due to the fact that this was my first real animation designed, that I should have practiced a lot more, although I am happy with it. If I were to do the brief again I would make the animation slightly shorter/quicker, so that it all moves slightly faster than it currently does.

The outcome for this brief and the concept is very relevant for the brand and the target audience. This is strength in the animation and the brief. It highlights everything that the brand stands for, and attracts the right target audience, delivering the most direct message whilst still allowing their imagination to run wild. This is the intention of the TV advert.

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