Saturday, 25 April 2015

Box Set Moc Ups

Box Set Mock Ups.
I have a really good idea of what I am doing for the box set, I have got many different box sets myself, therefore I have gone through a lot of them to find what I think works best for different genres. A simple flip shut box should work well for this box set, although I need to make sure that it will work if I am going to produce it for the actual box set itself.

Making It.
The measurements for the box work from the size of the DVD trays, and how many of them I am using in my box set, plus a little extra room for the publication to go in there too. These measurements may change slightly when I get the covers printed and applied to the DVD trays.

The making of the box went really well, it took me a few attempts to make the box so that I can hide the seems and get the measurements and order of placement right. But the DVD trays fit in really well and I have put an extra one in so that there is definitely room for the publication to fit into it. Overall the making of the box shouldn't be too difficult, I will just have to take my time over it to make sure I don't go wrong. Although I will get extra patterns printed and buy extra mount board just in case anything goes wrong.

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