Sunday, 19 October 2014

Brief Plan

Name: Daisy Conway

I am a graphic designer with a focus on image based design. I am driven by print and publications and have a very hands on approach.

Brief one (title): Quentin Tarantino Box Set
Create a collectors edition box set for Quentin Tarantino films.

Time frame:
4 weeks
Brief two (title): 100 Days of…
Part 1.
Create an image a day for 100 days (150mm by 150mm).
Part 2.
Create a campaign/make an exhibition, to try and get other to take the ‘100 days of…’ challenge.

Time frame:
5 months
Brief three (title): Christmas Sushi (live)
Create images of sushi for Christmas for social network for a sushi bar called Nomad in Switzerland. Apply to Christmas promotional poster, logo available to use.

Time frame:
1 week
Brief four (title): Wide Eyed Branding (live)
Branding and identity for a new record company in Switzerland, producing promotional material for the brand.

Time frame:
1 month
Brief five (title): Europe Brief
Create a series of screen print of cities around Europe.

Time frame:
1 month
Brief six (title): Dog Breeds
Create a publication using information graphics about different dog breeds.

Time frame:
6 weeks
Brief seven (title): Get People Moving
Create a printed pack to help and inform people about exercise and get people more active.

Time frame:
3 weeks
Brief eight (title): Robin Williams Tribute
Create a tribute for Robin Williams, include something to raise money and awareness for how/why he died.

Time frame:
3 weeks

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