Monday, 20 October 2014


DR.ME went through why they are going it alone as just the two of them, how not to pigeon hole yourself, what they do and how they produce their work. We were given three briefs to do in a day, this will give us a better idea of what it will be like in the industry when we will be given a few briefs at the same time with very short deadlines. We were also put into partners so that we would have to do the briefs as a collaborative. I was put with Sean which I am really glad about as I like his work and I think that we work really well together and is easy to communicate with.

Brief 1. 
Create a vinyl cover from the information given. Dimensions 12" by 12". Sean and I started by looking into duga-3 the name of the mix, we also listened to the mix and started to each individually write down what we thought the mix was about and the cover should include.
We both found that we came up with a few of the same words and ideas such as, the sense of being lost and confused. That there is a mass of open space and being alone. We decided that we would go with a theme of derelict buildings and stick with black and white.

To create the 10hz tapping sound in the mix I started to think about morse code and the fact that someone would be alone and lost, trying to get in contact with someone. We decided to use morse code to write the artists name on the vinyl cover. We did this using cut outs from some of the photocopies we made of the derelict buildings so that it was part of the scene rather than really bold on the page. We also thought that we could work in a black and white copy of a blurred man in the image, this will create the illusion of someone trying to contact anyone.
This is the end design of the vinyl cover, me and Sean were very happy with it, especially as it is something we don't do a lot and in my case have never done before. It was done completely using print and collage, no digital development involved.

Brief 2.
Create a poster using the information given. Dimensions are A3. After seeing the brief we decided to listen to some of their music, which seemed to be quite trancey and blurred colourful. This is the look we decided to go for, we both decided to do our own individual versions of what we thought.

I created a background that I thought would be really relevant for the artist. The feedback I received from DR.ME were that they really liked the background that I made for this, and thought that it worked really well, which I was really pleased with. Sean and I used a similar typeface and layout for the type which we worked together on.

Brief 3.
Create a piece of work EACH to no brief and for no reason other than the process of creativity and artistic freedom. The only rules are it must be 2D physical object and must be 23cm by 16cm. Be brave.

We all started to print out our brief 3 and stick it on the wall, this would start to showcase what we have all done individually, and people who haven't finished their yet will put them up when they have finished. There will be more as the days go on.

We also go to look through a few of DR.ME's collages from their own personal brief, 365 days of collage. This is intriguing to me as I am currently working on a brief called '100 days of...' producing a monster illustration a day. Keeping up to it is quite difficult as making sure you do one a day no matter what is hard to stick to, but gives a massive sense of achievement when that days is done. Today has been really interesting and we have got through a lot, I was able to work collaboratively with Sean and produce something I really like, and something that is different to what I would usually do.

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