Thursday, 30 October 2014

Third Meeting with Adam

Ice Pops Brief.
Going into this meeting I wanted to discuss the initial brief with Adam as I was unsure what the actual brief was. As Adam came to me with this brief and idea, I didn't want to change it too much, therefore I wanted to know what the initial brief is. After discussing this for a while and going through all of the different ideas we both had, we settled on an idea which we are both a lot happier with and an idea which is more achievable.

The Brief.
Create an ice pop shop and propose it. This will include creating the branding and identity for the shop, packaging for the products being sold, information graphics on the walls and the menus, signage. Also photography of the ice lollys being made. This will be a proposed shop.

Further Development.
I am a lot happier with this brief and think it makes more sense and is more achievable, I also think that Adam is a lot clearer and happier with the current amended brief too. As we are both interested in similar things we have decided to come up with some initial illustrations for the shop and the murals on the walls and bring them both together to see what works best. We won't be doing this throughout the brief as it may just waste time, both doing the same things, but for the initial identity I think that this is important that we both have a say. We also started to think about names and have currently come up with 'Solli' which I am happy. This will be the starting point of this brief, I now feel like the brief has been established and I know what I need to do and get on with.

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