Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Cover Illustration Development

Quentin Tarantino Covers.
I have decided that I will definitely be putting, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2, therefore I will start to work on those covers first. I am looking to produce a minimal illustration of one of the most epic and memorable moments in each of the films. The layout and background colour is still something that I have to think about, although I think that I have a general idea of what I want each cover to look like, simple and image only, little to no type involved.

Kill Bill Volume 1.
Not adding detail to the face doesn't take away from the characters, I think it adds more drama to the scene. It is clear to anyone who has seen Kill Bill which scene this is, and what happens in it. The yellow biker suit is such a memorable and iconic part of the film. I considered the Pussy Wagon as the cover, but then started to think about how each of the cover will link to each other, and I think that I want to have the characters and epic scenes throughout. Although I may include the Pussy Wagon inside the publication as it is a vehicle that Tarantino still uses today and it a major part of the film and shows off Tarantino's personality and sense of humour.

Pulp Fiction.
Even if people haven't seen Pulp Fiction, they will recognise this scene. In my opinion, this is the most recognisable scene in all of the Tarantino films. Although there is a lot of violence in Pulp fiction and swearing, this is a part of the film which highlights the fun, and represents the film really well. I considered having the cover with Mia sniffing heroin from the table, but thought about the message I want to box set to have, and thought maybe to include it somewhere else but something slightly more light hearted.

Kill Bill Volume 2.
I have found that Kill Bill Volume 2 is a lot harder to find the most memorable moment. I keep thinking having a theme going through the covers of two characters in the film in a fairly recognisable moment in the film. Although looking through for Kill Bill Volume 2 I have found a few different moments that are significant and the illustrations may work better without two characters, or any at all. This is something I am going to have to experiment with when creating these covers. I might even change my mind when putting together the box set, changing the illustrations around, for example having an object on the front, or really zoomed in to an illustration.

  • Fight scene with Pai Me
  • Burried alive
  • Five point palm exploding heart technique
  • Killing Bill
  • Hanzo sword
  • Plucking Elle's other eye out
  • Poisonous fish head
I think that I am going to rethink the covers and work on what I want to include on them all before starting to design aspects of each. It would be better if I went through each film and noted what the most memorable parts are for me, and also find some secondary research about what others think are memorable scenes. Find a general aesthetic and theme for the box set, and work from there, rather than creating illustrations for each and not think about the layout or anything else that would be going onto each cover. I also need to think further into the case and packaging itself as the layout will be affected by the packaging and how it will work as a set.

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